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Would also load it up with a bunch of stuff to make it good and heavy, and then hang it over a door or the back of a chair for a night or two. That'll bend the strap somewhat, giving it a better fit on your shoulder.
Keep holding CMD and press Q on the program you want to close, and it'll close properly.
Trying my luck in this thread, hopefully someone with local knowledge will spot this. I have a friend moving to Bangkok right about know, and her birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for a place where I can order flowers online and have them delivered to her office/home? Home area will be On Nut, work will be right next to the Phrom Pong BTS station.
Picked up a bottle of Dalmore 15 today going through duty free. The 70 cl bottle retails for $110 here, I paid just over $60 for the 100 cl bottle. Pretty decent deal. Looking forward to tasting it!
Got this exact pair a couple of weeks ago, and while I left for warmer weather just before the Stavanger winter kicked in, I think they'll survive the winter without too much hassle.
Need to buy some shoe cream and wax for two pairs of Meermin shoes. Any advice on which shades/colors of Saphir I should go for? Tan country calf Light brown karangrain
A lot of Teslas popping up in Norway too. I read that we have the most Teslas after the US -- which makes sense, given that electric vehicles are exempt from any taxes. The Tesla starts at around $80-85 grand here, which would outherwise get you an entry-level Audi A6 2.0 TFSI or a VW Passat with some extras... Combine that with free toll booth passings, free parking+charging in most major cities and at major office buildings (charging stations are operated by the...
The one nice thing about the average speed cameras is the light after the second camera, blinking red if you got caught. Won't leave you wondering if you did in fact break the speed limit or not.
You're a Swede? Nice car!
Could always import one. In Europe they sell the G350 diesel, which should get around 21 MPG mixed (1,12 L/km). You can live with that, especially since you're driving around in a 2,6 ton heavy car.
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