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Found 3 pairs of Mephisto's. One oxford, 2 loafers, US sz 12.5/13.
A few other pictures of the Versace.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Got a pic of the label? The label is actually blue, although I was told it was "Black Label" before acquiring it. The white and medusa head are the pants waist band.
They above mentioned stuff.
Found an Oxxford blue suit, couple pairs of AE's, 3 pairs of Mezlan loafers, 1 pair of Bragano/CH all sz 9, and a pair of brown pebble grain long wings, FL Imperials w/ suicide heels, 11.5 C. And finally a bunch of stripey ties. Any significance to which way the stripes are running? I have a Versace Black Label blue suit. Would it or the Oxxford bring more on ebay? Sell one and keep one.
Finally found one of those Rowenta Pro. Steam Irons! Also today, to pairs of AE's, 2 pairs of RL Polo, and 2 pairs of NOS Hanover, possibly shell, a pair of Lizard skin boots, Ecco hiking boots, 2 pair of Foot Joy Classics golf shoes, and some lower end stuff. Will post some pix later. Passed, and regretting, a Hilditch & Key shirt sz 16, and a silk made in Italy shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos My pleasure. So does the size on your pair read 9.5(UK)? Which would translate to 10.5(US)? I can't seem to keep this straight. Mine are so faded inside I can't make it out. I just compared them with some other shoes I have on hand. There is a shoe conversion chart on ebay and other places on the internet. When in doubt, google it...and skip all wikipedia answers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos Yesterday: Church's Chetwynd, size 8UK(? - Is that the size handwritten on the side of the shoe?); in great shape with good soles. Great find. Unfortunately, not my size. Nice nevertheless. Thanks so much for posting a picture of the inside of that sole! I found a pair in 10.5 black wing tips that I have been trying to ID for 2 days! These pix are post polishing and waxing the sole edges.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja Today is my bday fellas. I hope to leave a little early to see if I can get lucky. Wish me luck!! Cheers "Lucky" thrifting or "lucky" at the bar?
I have 2 Armani suits, one a black pinstripe, one a gray pinstripe. 44L Black pin stripe link: Gray pinstripe link:
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