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Found a nice pair of Nordstrom black loafers. I've passed on them before, but these are genuine crocodile tops/vamps & leather sides. Made in Italy, not sure by whom.
Found a pair of Alden Foot Balance shoes--NEW! They retail for $900. On the down side-- they are narrow. 12B
I have a pair of Allen Edmonds "Clifton", 11.5 D, Cognac colored balmorals for sale. Allen Edmonds shoe trees, dust cloth, and shoe care manual included. Will take $80 plus actual shipping. Here is the ebay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...#ht_1864wt_901 I have $100 on them, just offer $80, as it is the threshold for the offers. Thanks!
Funky shoe alert! Never heard of "Bonds" store before. The perforations go all the way through, so the sock color can be seen.
Hit several stores today. Very disappointing, the shelves were not well stocked. Came to the sudden realization that at the first of the month, all the older ones and others get their checks and head to the GW and ransack it....Gonna get there the day before next month!
Found a vintage Chaps RL for Saks Blue Blazer. Lotsa pick stitching and gold polo buttons instead of anchors. 43 L White Bally loafers sz 9. Best of all: a whole bunch of wooden shoe trees, including a pair of recent AE's, and a pair of vintage AE's.
Found a nice Samuelsohn suit, very nice, smooth wool, Hugo Boss suit, Southwick SC, Burberrys SC, AE black 13 B Bridgeton loafers, Cole Haan, (made in US) sz 12 cap toe balmorals, New, damaged Sesto Muecci womens 6.5 B lizard western boots. The leggings are lizard, the foot area is leather. Something got spilled on the leather and I will likely have to re-dye both to get them to match. Post pix later.
Quote: Originally Posted by amadar I think I picked up some vintage Nettleton sea turtle monks. Not entirely sure what animal they are but they don't look like anything I've seen before. I posted an "identify these?" thread on the main board to get thoughts. Looks like croc or gator.
Found a nice vintage pair of 8.5 D AE's for me, although they rub the outside of my big toe a bit, so I may pass them on in my store. Never saw a pair quite like this before. Only one seam, on the heel. And some kind of "print" to the leather. Have not shined them yet. The flash lightens them up and makes them look terrible, but they are in great shape with a recent full heel/sole job. The boots are Polo Ralph Lauren women's. Also a Paolo Gucci suit. 42 R I...
Found 3 pairs of Mephisto's. One oxford, 2 loafers, US sz 12.5/13.
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