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Quote: Originally Posted by rx330 I find this amazing given that Harry Rosen is one of the stingiest retailers on the planet. During a typical Harry Rosen "sale", you'd be hard pressed to find anything decent marked down more than 40% off their overly-inflated regular prices. I guess Harry Rosen would rather give away their clothes than have their customers get good deals from them. I guess they could count off full price as a charitable...
All size 9.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin I've had a couple PMs regarding these shoes that have refered to them as croc. They weren't calling me out on listing them as alligator, just comments like: "beautiful pair of crocs", etc. I'm no expert in exotics, but I thought they were alligator and was told they are alligator. Since I have them listed in B&S as alligator, I'd really like to know if I'm wrong so I can correct the listing. Any other...
Black-John White London Sz 10 Brown Pebble-Hanover sz 8 D Pre-polishing of course
Passed on 3 Oxxfords today due to a small hole in the back of one suit, one was just an orphan jacket ( w/ holes in the sleeve), and the third was probably do-able, but the pants were too long and would have had to have the crotch raised and I wasn't feelin' it. Nice to see Oxxfords again.
I have 3 pairs of Foot Joys Classics Golf Shoes. The black wingtips are sz 10 C, the other 2 are 10 D. The wing tips have soft spikes, the browns are spike less. Here are the ebay links:
A few shoe finds, need some help IDing the black cap toes. I can make out Diplomat on the side, but that is all. They are admittedly not in the best shape, but all these are pre-shining. They do have a nearly new re-sole/heel job. The boots are full quill ostrich, and of course the wingtips are Ferragamo's. After doing some checking, the Diplomat is a Church's model, right? Also got a Norman Hilton suit in 40 R in olive glenplaid.
Some others: FootJoy Classics, Bruno Magli loafers, black Allen Edmonds Park Avenue, cognac J & M "Trampoline", J & M "The Whitehouse Collection"
A few other shoe acquisitions: The loafers are new J&M's, burgundy Alden wingtips, tan Allen Edmonds, burgundy FL Imperial saddles.
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