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I found a BB "1818" suit, made in Italy. Gray w/ double blue and tan pinstripe. Really sharp!
Price drop 120 shipped. Come on, you know you want 'em!
Price drops $570, or $100 per pair shipped CONUS
Who was looking for a peak lapel suit? I found a Polo Ralph Lauren in what appears to be winter weight, 3 piece. Made in US. Likely a 40 or 38, but I have not measured it yet.
Price drop $130 CONUS, $160 International
Excellent, hope to hear from you soon!
I have 7 pairs of Allen Edmonds, 13 EEE, for sale, all with very little wear. 6 pair have cedar shoe trees included. Would like to sell as a lot if possible. $600 shipped CONUS. Please PM with questions, offers, etc. or w/ email for more pix. BLACKS: Split toe, Corporate Casual Split toe, "Bradley" MERLOT: Wingtip, "Chester", recent AE re-working (has little hammer on sole) Loafer, Bridgeton CHILI: Split toe, Corporate Casual Woven Split toe, ...
For sale is a really nice pair of Alden sz 10.5 D loafers, includes box. Please PM with questions, offers, etc. $150 shipped CONUS, or $180 with International Priority Shipping CONUS will be Priority USPS (2-3 days), w/ tracking, delivery confirmation and fully insured.
For sale is a nice pair of Brooks Bros. Shell Cordovan Loafers. $150 shipped CONUS, or $180 for International Priority Shipping. Really nice shape, little wear to bottoms. Please PM with questions, offers, etc. Size 9 D SOLD!!!
All Allen Edmonds, all 13 EEE:
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