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My first Brioni, about sz 40 R
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor A good story, but you won't be laughing when tomorrow I post the most luxurious-ass brown velvet sehks pants in existence -- made in Italy, sewn on the thighs of virgins by other Italian virgins -- made by none other than HUGO BOSS! (Seriously, why all the Boss hate? Everyone's got diffusion lines) Ass brown?
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis I would think so. What size is it? Not sure. I could not find a size tag, just the order tag, so it may be MTM? Looked kinda 40/42 ish, tan. There is another hand made suit black 2 button that is also new. Can't remember the name, Marzutti Uomo? Something like that....42R my size, but too used to regular thrift pricing, although I do have a 25% off coupon. Hmm.... Also a new HF tan sport coat for...
Would a NWT Oxxford suit be worth buying for $100 for purpose of flipping? It does not even have the sleave buttons on it. Do you think I could get at least $200 out of it?
Found this old, perhaps vintage Pierre Cardin Jacket, in a jean type look:
Santoni's in my size (9.5 Italy/8.5 US), for my use, (unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse!) I also found a pair of AE Sanford in burgundy, 14 D, but already gifted them to a friend who I have been trying to find a nice pair of shoes for 4 years. I did not see them at first, but found 2 pairs of XXL AE shoe trees and started looking for their sole mates. I guess I missed the other pair of shoes.
Last price drop before they go to ebay and the world: $100 shipped CONUS.
Price drops $525, or $80 per pair shipped CONUS. Add to the big ole shoe collection you already have!
GOOD GRIEF!!! McLovin' that tan/windowpane suit!
Quote: Originally Posted by seanmj Do you guys often find shoes that have the price written in permanent marker on the bottom? What do you do about it? I worry that I'll be in a meeting sometime and prop a leg up on my knee and inadvertently display a large "5.99" in silver paint pen. They never seem to write it on a part of the sole where it will wear off quickly; it's always down by the heel where it will last. In addition to the above...
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