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Nice shoes! I would like to find a pair in my size that are thrift store cheap.
I found a pair of Church's loafers. They are marked a 10 D, is this equivalent to ll D or C? They are in my store under sz 11.
Hi, I have a nice pair of Zelli croc loafers for sale. Here is the ebay link: Let me know PRIOR to buying that you are an SFer and I will give you an extra $5 off. Thanks!
If you are in a college/university town, when the kids go home for the summer, thrifting will hopefully pick up...hopefully...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkoernert Out of curiosity what is the date on that? 1975
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Whaa? How else am I going to look like an 80's teen movie villain? Also: Suck it, haters: Mezlan elf shoes and some brand NIB suede navy lambskin Johnston & Murphy's. Avert your eyes, Mr. Moo! I like Mezlan. I found a pair of their sz 14 M blue loafers today.
Vintage Oxxford blue SC, has herringbone that gives it a striped look, probably orphaned:
Zelli Croc loafers, 10.5 D:
2 awesome Canali suits ( prefer 2 button) in my size:
NEW Oxxford, black sport coat:
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