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Thanks for the info on cordovan! Where are the directions for posting pix?
School me please: What exactly is shell cordovan? I have a pair of sz 10 Alden's that did not sell on ebay, but two people asked me if they are shell cordovan or regular cordovan. I don't know what the difference is. Thanks!
My thanks to whoever posted the article on Nettleton shoes, perhaps on one of the other forums. Anyway, I found a pair of their black loafers today at the drug rehab thrift store for $4. Sz 11M. Something else to flip on Ebay.
Hi, Can anyone tell me about Hardrige shoes/ dress boots? They are made in Paris. I can't find anything online. I have a pair I would like to sell but don't know what kind of price to put on them. Thanks!
Does anyone know about Hardrige boots, made in Paris? I found a pair in Goodwill today. A little pricey for me ($20) but in excellent shape, and the quality appears very good, so I took a chance. Now I can't find anything on Google! Hopefully I can get my money back on Ebay. Also found a pair of NICE woven Magnanni loafers for $8, a pair of elevator/height increasing shoes, made in Italy, $5; and a few others J&M, Bostonian (the Italian ones).
Hi, I have an ebay store for shoes: I don't have your size listed right now, but I have about 300 pairs that are not currently listed so check back. Best regards!
OK, cool! My ebay store: David's Dress Shoes and Boots, ebay ID: blackx777 Frankly, most of the shoes listed right now are "junk", but there are a few pairs of AE, a pair of Aldens, J&M etc.
[quote=EBTX66;3025130]Welcome to the group. I think 35 pairs sounds like a reasonable shoe collection, but then again most of us have long ago forgotten the meaning of restraint. We'll await your attempt to purge the collection on eBay or the B&S forum, your feeble attempt to stay away/break the habit, and the inevitable relapse as you start collecting again. I think we all do that about once a year I have about 40 pairs listed on ebay right now. And another 300 pr...
Hi, New to the site/forum, but not to thrift store shopping. I like to look really sharp, but can't afford all that high end stuff new. I have a thing for higher end shoes, but not high end prices. My newest finds: vintage Frank Brothers shoes/blucher in chili brown--5.99, Bally black loafers--6.98. I am up to about 35 pairs of nice dress shoes and not a single pair is new! Mezlan, J&M, Allen Edmonds, Bally , Cable & Co, Bragano/CH, etc. When I find nice pairs...
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