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Found a Dunhill made in Italy Navy SC today w/ working surgeon's cuffs. One of the front buttons is missing. Anyone know where I can get one? They are the ones w/ the lower case "d" in gold under a blue glass/plastic cover
Have not found much lately. Today was a first: BB Golden Fleece suit. I have seen a lot of other BB's but not Golden Fleece. It is a dark blue chalk stripe. 41 R. I wear 44 R, 36x30; anyone have a suit to trade?
Nice pair of Church's brown loafers, ll C, $75: They are marked as 10 D, I believe this equates to US sz 11 C. Free Priority CONUS shipping for SF members. Or PM me w/ other reasonable offers.
Beautiful Brioni Sport Coat! Here is a link to my ebay listing: The best offer is set at $180, and I will through in free Priority, insured CONUS shipping for SF members. Or PM me w/ other reasonable offers.
Hi all, This Sport Coat is BRAND NEW! It does not even have the sleeve buttons sewn on yet. Here is a link to my ebay listing: If you are interested, let me know in advance for a price break. The best offer is set at $200, and I will throw in free CONUS shipping for SF members. Thanks!
Found a pair of black 9.5 Pierre Cardin shoes. Don't know if they have any worth, but I have never seen a "Made in Greece" pair of shoes, so I got 'em.
Quote: Originally Posted by amadar Today was one of those days that (almost) makes me want to stop thrifting. Yesterday I had gone back to the store where I found the Venanzi jacket (90% sure it was an orphan) to look for the pants. They weren't there, but I inquired and apparently this store has a central distribution system and the pants could have gone to any of 3 other stores in the area. So today I went to the other 3 stores. Not only do I NOT...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyrone MacStiophain File today under "You Win Some, You Lose Some". The wins: a nice Nordstrom tweed SC, BB Makers paisley tie, These shoes: "Made in England for Nordstrom." Anyone have an idea who might have made these? They seem pretty nice. Size 12B, so they're not for me! And the biggest winner: Euro size 54 drop 7 - a bit big for me, so it'll go on B&S or ebay. The jacket was hanging without the pants, so...
Oops, here is the rest of that PS.
Found a pair of Barrie Ltd Booters loafers, Church's loafers and Carroll & Co black patent leather balmorals all sz 11C. They are in my store. Pictured are a Trafalgar embossed belt, Martin Dingman braces, and 2 PS that I can't find a maker. Also a John Paul Hunting of London tie (but it's made in Spain) Believe it or not, there is nothing on google, at least in the first few pages.
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