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BTW, I have several pairs of Allen Edmonds & Alden in my store in various sizes.
I searched here and google before asking, but is Barstow & Logsdail of London the same as Logsdail of London? Found a sweet vintage DB 42 suit in brown birdseye w/ surgeon's cuffs and lotsa pick stitching but no info to be found.
Hi, Just adding some shoes to my ebay store today. Including some nice Aldens and Allen Edmonds. The whole store is organized by shoe size so feel free to browse your size. Thanks!
Hey guys, Been awhile since I've posted. Some recent finds: Vint FL Imperial shell cordovan in 10.5 D Vint Stuart McGuire shell cordovan 10.5 N Allen Edmonds Sanford Shell cordovan cap toe 9 E Alden black cap toe in sz 9
Finally found something worth bragging about: a vintage pair of Florsheim Imperial, burgundy shell cordovan. 10.5 D. Need heels, but other than that, good stuff. Also some vintage Bally blue & white spectator loafers in 9.5. And a pair of Fabiano hiking boots in sz 11.
Some shoe finds, unpolished of course: Alden 8 B Florsheim Imperial 11.5 Florsheim Imperial 9.5 w/ Suicide heels: H. Childs, which I have never heard of and can't find on the internet. Stetson "Old Masters" sz 9 D
Another cool PS, 2 BB Makers ties, Zegna seersucker suit, and Canali Jacket I would love to find the pants to.
Two Robert Talbot Best of Class Knit ties, and a cool PS.
I found a gorgeous Canali wool feels like flannel orphaned jacket in my size. How much do you think it would cost to order the matching pants from Canali? Thanks! Also found an awesome Zegna "Heritage" seersucker suit in my size in white and tan mini stripes.
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal i found the same exact sport coat awhile back, still have it haha With the missing button, too??? I'll bet member Mat that sells buttons could get us a few. Where's he been, anyway?
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