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How recent is the suit? Are we talking Tom Ford era or what Frida has done in the past 4 years that makes me want to hurl?
Quote: Originally Posted by intfxdx i forgot the name but i think it was Dylan, it's another rlbl suit model, it is NOT anthony model. Anthony has lapels not so wide. But the remaining is same. It's called the Anthony 2 Model(original I know) that we re-introduced for Fall 2010. I wish this hadn't of sold. We didn't make a whole lot of this 2 model
^^ In regards to the next sale, TBH guys we don't even know about it till about 1-2 weeks before it starts so I'm not entirely sure. I would assume late December or early to mid january, but don't hold me to that.
PM'd about Slippers
There are two cuts in Ralph Lauren Black Label. The Anthony and the Anthony II (a new introduction for Fall 2010 with a wide 4" lapel) Black Label runs almost an entire size to size and 1/2 big. I am normally a 38R in both Blue and Purple Label. In Black I am a 40R. Polo usually only runs in even sizes btw. Just so everyone can get a size idea. Most gentlemen I sell BL too have to size up one whole size even if they are fit, in-shape, and with a strong European build.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Are you RL employee? How long does the sale last? Just a couple of days? Yes I am. Only sale items are receiving the additional 25% off. It started Wednesday and goes through until sunday. The sale includes any item that has a red-line price from any brand. Most Black Label is not on sale with the exception of a few Fall '10 shirts, Most blue label Fall '10 is on sale and hardmarked so it is included in the...
Awesome prices
^^^ As an edit to the Sale for Black Friday the 25% off applies only to Sale Items that are "red-lined". Anything not on sale will not be included. Purple label, RRL, and Blue Label are included but only if it's already on sale.
When the economy tanked, RL decided to cut inventory by eliminating the sleeve length. Therefore, it is now more of a generic sizing. For example, if you are a 15 neck, a coordinating sleeve length would be 32-33 sleeve length. Just an FYI, they are cut to have a little extra fabric in the arms and usually have to be hemmed. If you live near a RL store, this is done for free if you buy the shirt in the store, if its your own goods I believe it ranges from $12-15 to hem.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar One word Affected... I would smack this guy in the mouth witl pleasure... Again, different strokes lasbar. If you would kindly Quit ragging i'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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