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This downtime wasn't planned for this week, a drive crashed while they were updating something.
I'd say to go for a size 29, it'll be a hair slimmer after a soak but the waist on the 30 may be too big for you. You can exchange em if they're too snug pre-soak.
For the IH jeans you should cold wash/line dry them when they're ready to be cleaned. For the FH jean don't hem them till after they've been soaked/washed because the length will shrink 3" after the soak/wash.
Don't wait that long before washing them. Wash them every couple of months if you're wearing them every day or almost every day. Washing them also will make the jeans last longer.
Superfuture 5.0 (completely redesigned) is launching later this month and they've taken down the site to update some back-end stuff. When it comes back online it probably won't be 5.0, it'll be the current version though. 5.0 should be out by November 1st.
Super cheap prices on whatever is left on this list here, you're lucky if you find your size. Once a year we drop prices 35% to 65% off retail on remaining sizes of items that are not going to be restocked. Most of these items we only have one size left, but if it’s you’re size you’re in luck. All sales are final on these items due to the heavy discount, and as always worldwide shipping is free. Sale prices are not retroactive for past purchases. FH Black Mint Dickerson...
This is a train wreck.
This is really cutting edge stuff you're buying.
Restock of that belt is hitting the online store on Monday.SENY has it now, SELA will have it tomorrow.
Buzz Rickson Pea Coats, Skull Caps, and Loopwheeled Sweaters We just received our first Winter shipment of items from Buzz Rickson including Navy pea coats, Buzz Rickson x William Gibson Black watch caps, and loopwheeled sweaters. The loopwheeled sweaters have been changed from past seasons. They're a hair slimmer in the shoulders and 2" longer in the length, the fabric is also slightly different and feels a bit softer on the outside. All these Buzz Rickson items are...
New Posts  All Forums: