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DC4 has closed down, they'll reopen someplace else later this year.
Quote: Originally Posted by DancerS whats the best cut simular to nudie slim jim which has a really light blue fade like the flathead 3001? thanks in advance These two: Strike Gold SG1105 Strike Gold SG1109 (this one is like the Slim Jim but is tapered)
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Maybe it's just from the photos but I expected to see a bigger difference between the mud weft and the standards when worn in. They look great, though. I'm really anxious to get my pair in. There's actually a huge difference in the way the two types of denim looks when new and when worn in, they're very different in shade and feel.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx Only going to be there 2 days. No car...., is there a good way to get to San Jose del Cabo? When I went on the cruise we went down to San Jose del Cabo. the hotel is right on the beach, some time share. Just looking to chill on beach, read kindle books, drink, jet-ski and have some good nightlife. is the water there good for swimming? white sand beach or is it rocky? any particular good restaurants to...
Quote: Originally Posted by belarki Just received a pair of IH DC4001 in Aus within a fortnight of ordering, excellent service once again, thanks guys!!! Oh may be a silly question but I suppose the chances of the Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 black jacket ever coming back in to stock are zero right? Glad you got em quickly. No restocks of that jacket, sorry. They only produce that exact jacket every year or two.
I just got back from Cabo on sunday. I've been going 3 times a year for the past four years... it's convenient and the food is great. Just go. But spend more time in San Jose del Cabo and less in Cabo san Lucas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Will you be restocking the black mint kasuri shirt? Nope, those were made in only one run by Flat Head.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramp Can I get an estimate on when the Dry Bones Red-D size 30 will be restocked? October 1st.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoreman Kiya, just curious, if I put through an order using the SE online shop and I reside in Canada, would there be a way to put a hold on shipping until the labour dispute at Canada Post is resolved? Or, are you denying all transactions to Canada at this point? I look forward to your response. Thanks. We've been shipping to Canada and somehow most of our customers are still receiving their orders.
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Pretty sure that's what he means. The SG arcuates are pretty polarizing, personally, I like them, but a lot of people don't. I personally love them, i think what makes them work is that they're a single needle stitch (like Levi's) which makes them look far more subdued. Regardless, the stitch is 100% cotton and the arcuates start to break in places pretty quickly.
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