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Feel The Summer Air with Sunny Sports We've just received the three final shirts from Sunny Sports' summer collection. Two are button down shirts with front pockets for chilling on the corner and the other is a pull-over made of an amazing kasuri fabric. These three shirts are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store, check the product pages for full spec lists, measurements, and more. Shop Sunny Sports
Videos of me yoyoing aren't very interesting, better to look up guys like Paul Han, Mark Montgomery, and Yuki Spencer.
In that case you'd probably get your mind blown if you see whats possible today with modern yoyos.
If you're in the Bay Area and want to see some yoyo action... Saturday is the Bay Area Classic yoyo contest at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, the longest continuously running contest based out of the Bay Area. I used to be an organizer for this contest for three or four years but have since passed the torch to some others. Both Self Edge and Anti-Yo are sponsors, if you win in any of the five divisions you'll get loads of prizes and Self Edge is giving away hundreds...
That's a very cool idea. If i were you and doing what you're doing i would go for a pair of Strike Gold's 14.5oz jeans, they're great for both warm and cold weather, they're made well, fit well, and come in a couple of different fits.
Manly? I mean, they're not a fashion jean necessarily like YSL, but if you can wear YSL jeans you can wear Iron Heart jeans. They're closer to YSL or Margiela than say a pair of J.Crew jeans.
Just received a full Iron Heart restock at all stores including the 301s slim cut jean, belts, jackets, vests, and all other jean models which are currently in production: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=71
Whats the address for the MOTOR store?I know the MOTO store is in Aoyama, which i've been to before down a small alley.
Their store is a must-stop for me on every Tokyo trip. I'm hitting it up again on tuesday.
Go to a decent boutique and they'll fit you in the right size.
New Posts  All Forums: