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Those were limited, there are no restocks.
I think the easy solution would be to just get the 3sixteen ST-100x model instead, it's the same jean you already got but less room in the thighs.Otherwise check these out:3sixteen+ 21BSPFlat Head SE05BSP
At Self Edge i think we've got the largest selection of selvedge denim jackets in the country. We have about 6 or 7 different styles from Iron Heart, Flat Head, Mister Freedom, & Stevenson.
You'd be a size 31 in both 3sixteen models, the ST-100x will be closer to the 511 fit.
I PM'd you asking you how old you were and what you did for work.You said you were 9 years old and worked in a convalescent home.
Can you do me a huge favor and take your Blue In Green fanboy posts to another thread? Gordon and i are friends, we work together, we don't carry each other's brands because we have chosen to sell different brands. Please do me a favor and research more about what you post about before you hit the "submit" button. It doesn't matter what i say, you come back with some moronic remark and it seems your only intention is to ruffle feathers.
That organic fabric from SDA isn't even as soft of RM's version, let alone SG's version. Not to mention that the weave is super loose on the SDA fabric which is partially why it's so soft on the outside. Try again. Or come into one of our stores and actually feel the stuff in person.
On those the leg opening will shrink .4" after a hot soak. It's not a wide leg jean but the leg opening may be bigger than what you're looking for.
Check out these jeans:Strike Gold SG1105Real Japan Blues 106BSP(leg opening will shrink almost .5" after a hot soak with both of those jeans)I've been saying this since we got them in, glad you were able to see it for yourself. The fabric is heavy, super soft on the inside, and nearly windproof with how tight the warp is woven.
Yup, size down one for a straight fit or two for a slim fit.
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