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Coming this week to all stores... Himel Brothers Leather for Self Edge. Two styles, two leathers. (photo shoot outtakes)
All 3sixteen+ made in Japan jeans will be $325 from now on, the reason the other models aren't that much is because they're from the original run where as any new model as it comes into stock will be $325.
Those are available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store:http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=714
Self Edge x Field Trip x Flat Head Loopwheeled T-Shirt & More We've just received a large shipment at all three stores from Flat Head and Real Japan Blues including a collaborative t-shirt between Self Edge, Field Trip, and Flat Head. Field Trip World Is Max Bode, James Farsetta, and Jeremy Povolny. Max is an artist and former art director of The New Yorker magazine, James is a design and type specialist, and Jeremy is an illustrator and the founder of The Nursery -- an...
Tonight was super fun, thanks for arranging the event and spaces. The entire Self Edge SF crew had a great time.
Thanks for the insight.
Go to Laguna Seca instead, i would. Just kidding. Well, not completely kidding. I love Laguna Seca.For those coming to the friday night portion of the event Roy will be giving out some Self Edge gift cards, not sure how he's deciding to give them out but i'm sure it'll be interesting. See ya'll friday night.
Summer Madness from Toyo's Star of Hollywood and Sun Surf The wildest shipment of the year just arrived and it's definitely pushing the envelope of patterned shirts. We've received over ten different shirts from Star of Hollywood and Sun Surf. Both of these collections are produced by Toyo, the same company behind Mister Freedom, Sugar Cane, and Buzz Rickson. These shirts are not only made with the utmost attention to detail (think pressed coconut fiber buttons) but in...
The denim on those jeans is sanforized, they'll shrink no more than .5" after a wash and there's no need for a soak before wearing. Hem them now but have them hemmed a little on the long side.
At Self Edge our best selling jean for people that want something super comfortable and light but still wears wells over time is Sugar Cane's 2009 model. Light weight, unsanforized but it comes rinsed, and it's a straight slim fit.
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