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Generally with a denim that's loomstate if it's not washed regularly and folded at the hem-line it's going to start splitting because the fibers become brittle over time.
That looks like the denim starting to rip where you've turned them up. Also, this can be a sign of not washing the jeans often enough. How many times have you washed them in the three months you've been wearing them?
Next restock of the 1109 or 5109 is happening in April. That's when the next production run will be done and all of our shops will have a restock then.
The Good Art "Rocklock" Ring & Sterling Button Watch Caps We just received a new ring from Good Art which is straight fire. Everytime we look at this thing our brain melts a little bit. Love the three dimensional look of the design combined with the heavy weight of the ring. Along with the new Rocklock ring we've received woven cotton watchcaps which have a sterling silver Good Art button at the top of the cap. These are fluffy, soft, and woven in Oregon for Good...
Nope sorry, those are all long sold out. May i suggest looking into the 8301s from Iron Heart? Restock is coming May 1st.
Not doing the WF line, it doesn't really fit into the style of things we do.RMC has been closing all wholesale accounts to eventually go flagship store only.
I'll be there both days, lot's of really good things being shown this year.
Sorry but that older version is sold out across all four stores.If your other jeans measure approximately 35.5" in the waist then you'd be a 34 in nearly all of 3sixteen's jeans. They'll be a bit snug in the waist at first but will stretch out within a week or two of wear. The leg opening for that size/model is 8.7" on the pair i have here now.
We won't be getting that jacket this spring. We had the previous version two years ago and this one is a lighter weight version of that same flight jacket.
Not that we know of, no.
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