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I'm doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit. Please come and do exactly that, ask me anything. This starts right now! Direct link to the AMA: https://www.reddit.com/r/rawdenim/comments/4gun7w/i_am_kiya_babzani_from_self_edge_we_specialize_in/
This Thursday, April 28th, i'm doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit. Please come and do exactly that, ask me anything. Thursday, April 28th. 9am (Pacific), 12pm (Eastern), 4pm (London, GMT+1) You will find the AMA at the top of the page here at the date/time above: https://www.reddit.com/r/rawdenim/
The Lady White Oarsman T-Shirt and Clark T-Shirts in Washed Out Olive We've just received a new Lady White t-shirt style with a new fit, all new details, and a new fabric. The new Oarsman t-shirt has a wider neckline, a loose-knit ringspun cotton fabric, a flatlock shoulder stitch which runs off onto the sleevecap, and has been blind stitched on the hems and sleeves. Along with the Oarsman t-shirt we've also had a small run of the Clark pocket t-shirts done in a...
Introducing Good Sport magazine & Mister Freedom's Workman Wabash Shirt We've just received the first issue of Good Sport, a new magazine dedicated to all styles of professional sports. It's the new anti-mainstream sports magazine, written and shot in a new way which we find to be not only refreshing but necessary in a world of gossip and conjecture based sports journalism. Along with Good Sport we've received the newest in the Mister Freedom Workman shirt series, this...
In the style of Tiffany's there are quite a few options, just go into any decent high end jewelry store and you're sure to see many of the same designs (common designs, not Tiffany originals).People buy Tiffany's jewelry because of the brand recognition, even the executives of the company have stated this in the press.A little transparency would be good and a pay for their employees which matches the retail price of the product they're selling.They're the classic...
There is a huge difference between jewelers and watchmakers.Also, their "jewelers" at their US factories which they own are paid about $19 an hour (which is far less than what any of my employees make working retail), i'd say that's quite sad considering the margins on their jewelry.
I'll have to disagree.They mass produce everything they make in factories and only 50% of what they make is actually made by them, the rest is outsourced to even larger jewelry making factories.Let's not even get into the fact that nearly all their solid gold jewelry is gold plated (over the gold).EDIT: One more.. they send their jewelry which requires a stone setting to a friend of mine who's a master setter, he sets the jewel, sends it back to them, they photograph it...
That's unfortunate. Tiffany's jewelry is one step away from being a complete scam. The fact that people consider it "fine jewelry" is amazing to me.
Don't drag me into this mess.
Yup, it's available now at all stores.Will be up in our online store in a week or two!
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