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Flat Head & Real Japan Blues Summer Collection and Horsehide Jackets We've just received a set of Flat Head and Real Japan Blues short sleeved shirts and t-shirts perfect for the warmer months. Along with these new shirts we've also had a run of brown Shinki horsehide jackets made for Self Edge, these things fit like a dream and the leather is what you would expect from Flat Head. Check the product page for the leather jacket for a full rundown of all hardwear and...
If you're located in the US the shirt should have been with you at least two or three days ago. Please email us at denim at selfedge.com so we can find out what happened with your package. If you're in the US normally orders are with you within 24 to 72 hours of when you place your order.
I don't believe any of those manufacturers are really considering very high end if you're talking about the true top notch stuff.I would look at Sun Surf, Star of Hollywood, John Severson, and Flat Head's Limited Aloha line.
If you're trying to open a retail store and are worried about the rent cost you should not be opening a retail store.
That's pretty funny.. he actually only started to grow it last year, looking at the photos through-out our site you'll notice him in various states of facial hair over the past four or five years.
IRON HEART'S ULTRA HEAVY JEANS & BUZZ RICKSON'S SLUB COTTON LOGO TEE Iron Heart have just released two jeans out an unsanforized 21oz selvedge denim. These start out super rigid and with some wear will setttle in with defined creasing due to the weight and rigidness of the denim, sure to create some intense fading over time. This denim is available now in both the 634 straight leg fit and the 666 slim tapered fit. These jeans (as far as we know) will not be restocked...
You guys going to be around Saturday early afternoon? Gonna come by and check out the shop on the way to a friend's BBQ down the street.
Didn't see this till just now, welcome to Styleforum! Great seeing another Bay Area retailer on this forum.
The yellow seersucker is cool because i haven't seen many fabrics which blend the textural differences of seersucker mixed with the right pattern over the base fabric. They did it right with this one.
This entire shipment of shirts from Toyo are all winners.. especially considering prices are so good considering where they're made and the fabrics made for them.
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