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yes, my high's are great and i totally agree balenciaga's are not for everyone ... but i have no idea how you can go from this:to this:i dont see the connection. dc's are not even in the ball park. this is a good example of comparing shit shoes to quality footwear (even though you may not like the style).
55% of TBS (special code): IMEBTMFDR55.
yes, the MALL. actually, you are not good enough for the mall ... hit your local nordstrom rack and you can find all that shit for under $50.
dont like the color.
i suppose if you cant afford real shoes then i might think that as well. no offense.white t okay unless you wear like the fonz. well, okay, if you are the fonz it IS okay.ouch what? not everyone likes balenciaga's. i happen to like them and just ordered my third pair!
i do what i can.
im also in the process of buying the white pair at mp!ill leave the vans supply untouched for you guys ...
i was wondering what he meant with those lame ass prada's on the floor. i initially thought he was snapping pics from his has a couple okay sneaker styles (like 1 or 2) ... and they make several decent dress shoes. but for the most part their menswear sucks.
so im a "hater" because i tell him to stop breaking a style no/no? what kind of fucking logic is that?btw gn ... this aint happy days ... wear regular t's. point: no 50's style white t's and no $50 vans shoes.
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