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yes, i was in europe. do i know you?
yeah ... im related to bush 43 so you got me there.
that is one of my favorite movies.and i do have great business cards.
jesus hagg ur a fucking idiot.
lol, at least this is true.
i told moo those were hideous back when he bought them from the christmas mp sale so im not sure what you mean. i did say balenciaga's are not for everyone. but what i dont understand is people say they look like dc shoes and i dont see the connection. but i am not upset that people dont like them. in fact, i purchased another pair of lows a couple hours ago.
moo ... thank god you are selling those ro's. fuck those are hideous.
i can buy whatever footwear i want. if i see something i like better i will buy it as well.
i was out of the country for work the past four weeks. it was fine i suppose.
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