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okay people, you win! they are skater shoes. i think every kid with out there needs a pair.i am still gonna buy at least two more pairs as i can find colors i like and relic $50 airwalks.
this is perfect.
I am selling a couple pairs of my sneakers I just don't wear enough to justify keeping ... for CHEAP. Will consider offers but DO NOT contact me if you are a troll or low baller. Prices include Paypal and USA shipping only. Please message me if you are a Canadian or International buyer for additional shipping charges. More pics and references available upon request. PAYPAL ONLY. 1. YSL maroon hi-top sneakers in size 40. Will fit USA 8.5 or small 9. Sole length is...
i always thought it was a girl.
yes, it didnt happen you retarded mutt. it was a joke.
it might come sooner then you think.
if you call the boutiques they usually have most styles ... many are not on-line. i use the city center balenciaga boutique in las vegas ... they are very helpful if you call or e-mail. tell them what you are after and the size and they will send you lots of pics.
yup ... in my balenciagas.
i actually like utah. i moved here from s. california and i still miss the beach but slc is starting to grow on me ... of course we mostly stay in the city. the liquor laws are a little strange and you still have to go to vegas to find a decent place to buy clothes (aside from ln-cc and the like on-line) but the people are super cool so it makes up for it somehow.
are you really that stupid? i have like 9 pms from people asking "how do i make the code work."try harder people ... keep at it!
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