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they still don't look good. you need a well worn pair or different pants with that fit.
cause most girls secretly want a b/f who can dress from her closet. being able to wear each others clothing is a perk. i would do it if i could.
ask and buy from jay, he is extremely helpful.
wear them.
tweed? tweed? really?
um ... thats sortof the point with yuketen/quoddy/osb/etc ... you buy, wear and then you can resole with any sole you want for dirt cheap. for example, a real dress shoes resole will cost about $175 but a quoddy/yuketen resole cost about ~ $40 (including return shipping charges). plus i fucking love horween cxl leather ... its so comfortable.
kgfan5: please dont listen to hagg ... i think that fit is great.
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