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email them. it depends on your area. they have a couple places they recommend.the creep sole might cost more ... i was referring to the camp sole.
they run big ... probably a 42. im a 8.5 - 9 in nikes from what i remember. im a 40 in balenciaga high and lows. 40 in cp and ysl. 41 in all (high and low) mmm's.balenciagas are super nice shoes.
i dont think this is true ... the better the quality of clothing the more it cost because they use better material/fabrics and generally is not made in a china sweat shop. i suppose if you always buy on sale then it might be.
so true. people ... never ever EVER go work in investment banking. avoid it like a vegas ho.
nope. i'm traveling more this year for work but other than that things will be normal. just block me ... pederast!
i can still buy clothes ... no major purchases for a while.
i did just buy another pair. pics when they come!
show of. pics when they come.
audio research ref 150. im so broke now ... fuck.
im so happy i dont have the hairy fingers. all you need is a little grease on them and you could be the style forum pederast.
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