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you would think the thread you started would give you enough feedback.
i wonder if he thinks it bullshit that you try to buy items at the sale price once its over, like you are somehow special. despite this, were not talking about a lot of money ... if you really wanted it $70 shouldn't hold you back. so really, you are upset because he is running a business and didnt extend you the sale price after the sale was over, which is what most retailer do. they are there after all to make money.btw, he has given me the sale price like two weeks...
i forgot my new pair of mmm jeans came today as well.
mother fucker. can you take fit pics, please? might have to buy as well.
second post? you must be like wicked smart to figure that shit out all by yourself.
this is what im talking about! i wanna be able to stack codes and pay 15% of retail. its not like i care about supporting the industry and retailers. i want i want i want i want nice clothing for cheap! can anyone help me?
i know. fucking bitches in this hole make it hard to buy shit i normally wouldnt be able to buy unless it was on sale. all i want is to by high-end at walmart sale prices. its not like anyone will notice.
if you had read the thread you would know that typically you get heel slip in all moc styled shoes. you can either go tts (dress shoe) or down a 1/2 size if you prefer a snug fit or dont plan to wear socks.
balenciaga, sasquatchfabrix, nonn, hobo.
are you kidding. 18 yr old's who shop at the banana republic have more style then him in that pic.
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