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several years ago there was. today its not really an issue unless you make one of it.some samurai models dont have them at all.
lol, that is what i like about them. its just different from everything else i own ... plus i like the clasp at the top of the jean. but im a freak and like weird things.they fit just like the 710 cut. maybe just a tad snugger in the top-block.
no, im 31 and im not bitter. i really dont know why you guys are so upset.here is what happend. fycus posted he was upset ... even "insulted" that inventory didnt extend him the sale discount AFTER the sale was over. let me repeat that, FYCUS WAD UPSET THAT A RETAILER DID NOT EXTEND HIM THE SALE PRICE AFTER THE SALE HAD ENDED. in a token of inventory's (the retailers) appreciation, they did offer him a discount but because it wasn't the sale price he felt "insulted. ...
yeah, they are growing on me. im gonna buy a pair!btw: ill give you $250 for both your cuci sweaters! sound like a deal? i need a fat man sweater to wipe my ass with. pm me!
my point exactly. fuck places like inventory when i can by all the leftovers at yoox at a 1/4 the retail! pitiful.
blah, blah, blah. this is a style forum ... it about clothing. i bet 80% of have never been in or shopped in a real boutique. most of you search the net for yoox and "yoox" like stores on the lookout for $1,000 knits that are on sale for $200. but not at $250! if any retailers make any money on me then im gonna bitch like a little girl cause thats just NOT RIGHT! sound familiar?that is why i give those of you douche bags that fall into this category a hard time.
its about time! bye-bye now.
yes, you think you are special. that is why you are upset. dont sit here and tell us otherwise because its really not a lot of money were talking about. you were "insulted" because you didnt get the sale price ... because you THINK YOU ARE SPECIAL and well, you are not.this is an internet forum ... if people dont like me i honestly dont care. there are three or four people i look to for help and you sir are not one of them. SO, i will put you on my "people that dont...
i did know samurai did a bs cut. i already have the original black knights so i passed. not sure what you mean by turn my back on them. i buy stuff from gordon all the time. i like mmm jeans as well.
can you post this comment in more threads? here is an idea ... DO A FUCKING GOOGLE SEARCH.
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