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actually, the way we are going to do this is you need to send them the money and i will cover the $70 if you are serious mr. fycus!i know who you talked to so they are waiting.
interesting. ive been in your store a couple times kiya.i encourage anyone out there to find out for themselves. i suspect if you were able to carry sda then you might say something else ... after all, whatever you dont carry is shit, right? we all know this to not be true so i encourage people to find out for themselves.and the regular sda is much softer and warmer then the br stuff. the organic cotton is on a whole new level. nothing you have even comes close.
nope. No OnE in mormonville jumps in the middle of the fucken street ... .
how many people laughed at you and whoever took that pic?
then block me. this guy is totally full of shit.
fycus ... you are so full of shit.ill tell you what, i know who you spoke with and you wouldnt have bought it even if it was at the sale price. got the money? ill make up the $70. im call you on your bs.
try the organic sda. by far the best lw sweat produced.
i like except for the shoes. the jeans look a little tight in the fly area but im sure they will work out.
you cant be for real. please tell me you really arent this retarded.
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