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do you have an e30 m3? ive been looking for a decent one for about two years i can use to track.
i like the jacket and pants and they fit you just about perfectly ... maybe try something like a balenciaga or mmm sneaker instead of those shoes you are wearing.something like these:
no kiya, i said i was 9 and serviced the elderly.
kiya you dont need to pm me. you can ask me what you need to in the thread.
i do take things serious. i dont see that they did anything wrong. ill be more careful in the future just for you raz!
lol. whats it gonna be mr. fycus? am i sending the money or what?
just because im right doesnt mean you need to get your panties all knotted up. the organic cotton is a finer material then what they use in the sg. the sg stuff is fine, its not at the level of the sda though.PROVE me wrong kiya.
the amount minus the $70.
um, no. send them the money and i will cover the $70. you are a serious buyer ... why do they need to invoice you? just let them know you are the person they talked to about the jacket.
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