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Quote: Originally Posted by Breton I'm looking for tank top undershirts that aren't rib knit, and I can't seem to find them. I've searched shops, online stores, places like TJMaxx, everywhere I can think of. All the plain white tank tops I've found are ribbed, and unfortunately I find those very uncomfortable. Does anyone know of a company that makes them in plain, smooth jersey cotton? Any recommendations? I used to get non-ribbed tank tops...
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR love SF What's not to love????????
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Bugatti. South Pacific was wonderful... highly recommended. Interesting to have a pocket hank with a waistcoat... haven't seen that before. Not sure I'm convinced by the result though... maybe a different color? And vest looks a little short... maybe pants (with suspenders) worn higher? The khakis and loafers look a bit out of place with the formality of the contrast-collar shirt. Thanks, that's a good...
Sporting my new/old braces , and waistcoat .
Quote: Originally Posted by computerpro3 Spurred on by the "worst customer ever" thread, I've always wondered what everyone else does in this situation: If you need to try on four or five shirts at a time, what do you do if they don't fit and you're done with them? If they a simple hangar on a rack, of course I'll put it back, but if they are from a fancy display and all properly folded, do you try to re-fold it just the way they had or is it okay to...
Why not go to a good jewelry store and see what they have in stock?? Also, I have found some wonderfully classic cufflinks at antique and vintage clothing stores, usually at a good price.
Quote: Originally Posted by francisl As the question says, with a light grey suit what colour bag should be worn with a light grey suit? Or will you say to lose the bag and get a briefcase? I say lose the bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 Hot again, but dry enough to break out the suede. Are your shoes by Peale? I have a pair exactly like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Does anyone know of an elegant solution to carry cuff links on travel? It should hold 5-7 pairs. Leather would be nice. I've seen jewelry rolls, but have never seen one for cuff links. Any suggestions? I went to jewelry store and got one those hard, hinged boxes for bracelets or necklaces. I pad it with a bit of tissue paper and it works fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Play and dinner with friends. Not convinced with the button stance or something on this jacket... suggestions welcome. It's a wonderful outfit.
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