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Plus if I never take off my jacket how would I ever show off the definition in my arms?
Depends on the temperature.
I'm always mindful of what I'm doing, brushing up against things etc. I inspect my pants immediately after wear to see if anything needs spot cleaning. I have 3 pairs of white pants and rotate them.
i don't know what's so difficult. you go to the type of item you want. sort by price and by size. how difficult is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by porschemad911 Interesting, are these the measurements after you had the tailor take them in? I also buy a 15.5 (35 sleeve), but my actual chest / waist measurement is 38 / 32, so there's no way my shirts are that slim. I'd be surprised if changing the sleeve length when ordering makes them that much roomier. No, you're correct, they do shrink a bit, particularly after the first wash. Mine are always slightly loose with...
Of all the things he's worn this is the one you have a problem with?
At least you gave me an opportunity to tell strangers how much I hate hippies, without it being a non sequitur and without me looking like a psycho. That's very important to me.
what's a good sale price for tm lewin shirts? Should I wait until they hit $40? $50?
Quote: Originally Posted by simon211 There's a girl section you can look at. --- Alrighty. I'll lurk this forum for a few weeks. Does anyone have any links to sites that are good to buy off for Australia? I like to buy some jacket separates at
Thanks for linking that site, so many hot girls to look at. Oh wait, that's a guy.
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