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Nothing too fancy considering my weak budget...nothing super vintage or rare. But these are the best wallabees I've ever purchased. They're from the people over at oi polloi. They're my first elk skin shoes of any kind. I've only had them for about 9 months but I've put a beating on them and they barely show it. The leather is so breathable that I never wear socks with them. They've got a unique nap to them....rough like fine grain sandpaper but velvety at the same...
Oh hey, I posted a response to an 07 thread. I feel like a winner. :\
Better to have a good working relationship with your sups than your co workers. We can't give much insight without being there to witness the dynamic, but just keep doing your job well and it will pay off. Besides, in my opinion, work relationships are overrated.
Quote: Originally Posted by constantine. Whats the best way to repair when the rubber part of the heel wears down? What shoes? Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Most English shoemakers use dark brown as the sole edge color for shoes in the brown family. If all you mean by "natural edge" is "not black" then there are a number of loafers by the usual English makers such as C&J or Alfred Sargent that satisfy your...
I'm driving myself crazy looking for a pair of the right pair of loafers. Criteria: Dark suede upper (preferrably navy blue or black...dark browns will pass) leather sole with a natural edge (outsole not painted black) Less than $250 USD. That's pretty much it. Where can I find this shoe? Or, as a possible alternative, does acetone remove the paint from a black outsole? Pardon my noobness.
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