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I'm still waiting on a TOJ0 from august 11.
I thought TOJ0 were supposed to be shipping out?
I wish they would do a best of UU, like they did with +J.
If anyone want BNWT Cast/Coast jeans sz 28 for $220 shipped, hmu
Is the Rue going to drop in charcoal at some point?
Got a sz small burgundy villain crew bnwt for $110 shipped if anyones interested. PM me
Sz 3 (Large) siki Im bomber with detachable long shirt tail in black. This jacket has great details including a hidden zip pocket on the left sleeve as well as backpack straps in the interior. It is 10/10 condition brand new without tags, has only been tried on. I only ship within the U.S. Please contact me via PM. Thank You.
My order just got cancelled for the urban sweat long hoodie smh ....If anyone has it in a small, shoot me a PM please!
If anyone has a 4 way coat from last season in a sz Small they wanna sell, PM me.
Double zip hoodies are nice. I just wish they had a metal zipper instead of plastic :/
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