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I got a notice in the mail for my TOJ0 today. Ordered August 11.
^ Thank You. I'll get in touch with him
Over 2 years for a black varsity jacket smh...I shoulda bought a golden bear or some shit. If that reporter guy is reading this I want to strongly urge you to go ahead a publish that article. Theres just no way I see drew realistically fulfilling 500 orders.
+1 !!!
^ That looks awful
@LA Guy I hope you guys will offer something that looks like TOJ's 2010 DR. That's my favorite design for the DR yet.
Are there any plans for a LS classic crew?
^ They deff fit a whole size big, and I had the same issue last year when I found a pair of achilles for cheap but they were too big. I just put an extra insole in the shoes as you said and they fit perfect now. I would go for it and try that.
How did they change?
Me too, 8/11. SMH
New Posts  All Forums: