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sold, thanks Ender. Great item at a killer price.
familiar name! I have been on a hiatus for many years but remember Ed well, great seller!
my god that Cesare Attolini w/ Domenico Vacca 7 months too late on that one
Wish these were my size just what I'm looking for this fall :/
Alex- thanks for your input, just never saw this before so it took me back a bit is all. Guess it's comman place. The fabric and color is very nice so I guess it no surprise it was used by others. Moss- thanks for your feedback as well. it certainly is trimmer than the Bloomingdales one, letting out 1/2 inch from the waist should do it for me. It is otherwise perfect. I was forced into a 40r to get the other jacket which is large and cut fuller. I like it well enough to...
Antonio, very much appreciate the reply. The cloth is indeed stunning, as is all of your collections. Love the jackets and the brand, you have a very happy new customer. Best Nick
Thanks, I figured it was a stretch that it could be a fake, given the craftsmanship not sure I would care either The model is "primo". I wouldn't think the pattern would be something completely unique but it's the exact cloth. My thought was that possibly both jackets were made in the same shop in Italy and possibly I was getting a model, that, as you said, is a one off and not the level of the construction, silhouette as finishes found in "mainstream" Eidos. That seems...
Wonder if someone can enlighten me to what season this jacket may be from? I purchased it from eBay Jacket is nice, doesn't fit or drape as well as the one I tried at Bloomingdales, that could be because of the fabric (40 silk, 35 Linen, 25 wool) and a different model (midsection is 1/4-1/2 smaller). Browsing yoox, to my surprise, is see this jacket that seems similar, nie exact (save patch vs flap) with the same fabric from Luigi Bianch Mantova. i have an LBM...
Well like a dummy I didnt read that there were detailed measurement haha I think the shoulder is close enough and the rest is easily tailored to match. curious how closely these will match the Bloomingdale's 38R, that I assume is a F/W 16. These cant be older than S/S 14 so assuming the fits are close. The 38r Jacket lenght : 75 cm ( 29.53" ) Shoulder: 46 cm ( 18.11" ) Sleeve lenght : 64 cm ( 25.20" ) Jacket waist : 49 cm ( 19.29” ) The 40R Jacket...
Haha don't need a field jacket but that certainly is beautiful
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