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Yup VC - good to see you found your way here!
This is the epitome of why fine watches should not be polished!There's nothing wrong with buying preowned or buying new. Things i'd buy preowned (of I could afford it): A bigger house. A Ferrari. A Patek. The Mona Lisa.
It's been a while since i been here i some more watch porn Ps I can't help but notice the title of the thread changed!
My new givenchy sneaks
Been a while so I thought I'd share...
Love the black bay!! ^^^ Here's my latest Not sure I'm going to keep it but it sure is a hot watch. And hard to get right now...
Thanks!!! Mind you I also grabbed a 5170j love the patek chronos...
Well my vote is very biased - but the 5070 p smokes the Dato in terms of sheer beauty and design though - Lange movements are nice to look at... But it's like comparing a Ferrari and a Lamborghini I guess Also a Dato loses value while 5070s appreciate - that's noone faults exc ours (the consumer) but it is wht it is And of course I had a choice - and I picked the 5070
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