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[[SPOILER]] Love that jacket.
Two ties (a Vanda and Cappelli) purchased from DonRaphael.
That's why most corporations have given up the traditional dress code.
Free shipping to Finland if I buy two?
What's the bottom-of-collar length of the jacket?
That's FlyingMonkey, an academic, Monkeyface is the London-based investment banker, who also often looks great.
Okay, okay, guys - I would love to come to Australia and Germany alike to try some local delicacies.
Isn't Braddock based in Florence nowadays. And I suppose if a webstore puts some merchandise on a trunk it's a trunk show even without the travel
The cardigan is a dead ringer for a Canali I bought in October. That's a gorgeous ensemble.
Where are you based, Sebastian, the weather and scenery look beautiful, especially now that Finnish fall is at its darkest and rainiest.
New Posts  All Forums: