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Based on limited experience (sample sales in a local department store), newer Keis seem shorter and a tad trimmer all around.
[[SPOILER]] This reminds me of GuidoWongliani.
[[SPOILER]] Very Purple Label. I like it.
AlexRamius and Poszetka - very good stuff recently.
What make is the tie, Poszetka,?
Solaro seems more of a suiting.
"You gotta be different, huh? " Different from the great unwashed, DTOing my StyFo bros
"I love yeller trousers. Seriously. I think it was @SpooPoker who posted a fit with a navy blazer and yellow trousers a while back that I have been trying (and failing) to emulate ever since." Yeah, that was c. 2010, with the old Spoo pose where he was sitting down. Inspired by that pic, I in fact purchased a pair of yellow Borrelli cotton trou fom Spoo himself. Haven't really worn them, though, as the navy jacket / colorful pents has become so common here.
"Sounds good JG, that blackwatch tie still available? I'll have a look later." Not sure, I bought it from our man in Venice, Ich_Dien.
[[SPOILER]] This kind of tie almost never works. Looks shiny, cheap and busy. Switching the tie would immediately enhance the look.
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