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Gino Abruzzo .
Another purchase via this thread, a brand-new pair of C&J chelseas for 250 bucks.
Way too slim for me, but that Boglioli cord is gorgeous.
Sounds to me he's cracking a joke about your "moose knuckle." Your pants are bunching a bit. Combined with the wink-wink emoticon it almost seems that Emthigious is hitting on you. Take it up via PM or ignore if you will, this thread is open-minded.
[[SPOILER]] I need a light-gray three-piece suit. Also brilliant with a pink shirt and green tie.
I do associate penny loafers, navy blazers, repp ties, and chinos with trad / Ivy League - perhaps the association is pretty loose, though, historically speaking.
That's a gorgeous suit, Spoo, but sleeves could use a pressing.
Beautiful Kitons!
[/quote] Carrying a stack of hardcovers in that bag? Looks like you're about to collapse.
New Posts  All Forums: