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The tie looks new though. And good.
Sure, but I was taken aback when reading the ad about "the ultimate Kiton experience." And why not Spoo's gorgeous blue Kiton suit rather than a Kiton shirt? Their marketing team should definitely spend more time on SF.
Looking for some advice. I was browsing the Robb Report today and saw a Kiton ad with the most perfectly dimpled tie ever. It must be some mystic fabric turned into a tie by a Neopolitan virgin under a silvery moonlight. Anyone bumped into that tie while shopping / thrifting? Or happen to know that model? @spoopoker and other scavengers. Here's a shitty pic of the ad: the tie is on the upper left corner.
Carmina tasseled loafers 'Verde.' Brioni pink hairstripe shirt Canali (Bresciani-made) rust socks
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Sander is one slick-looking dude.
I'm not an American, but I'm taken aback to hear that some don't consider Texas to be South - for reasons SB mentioned. Is it cultural differences?
Thanks! Great idea for a thread.
Thanks! It's this bad boy:http://www.malfordoflondon.com/ede-ravenscroft/5714-ede-ravenscroft-handmade-light-brown-blue-linen-tie.html
Here's mine. Navy / blue family Makers (from left to right): Top row: Corneliani, E. G. Cappelli (via Ich_Dien), Charvet, RLP x 2, Brioni x 2 Bottom row: Isaia, RLPL x 2 (via Malford of London), Passaggio Cravatte (via Exquisite Trimmings), Isaia, Faconnable, Brioni Linen, wool, and cashmere seasonal gear Ede & Ravenscroft, Passaggio Cravatte (from Gianni, my favorite!), Isaia, Hansen & Jacob And some random repps Top row: Bruno Piattelli, RLPL x 2, Cesare...
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