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You lack the track record here to make such a statement with any credibility. Better collect some more ties and work your jacket length before judging a guy with a style of his own (as opposed to Claghorn's or someone else's style).
T4phage - why so nasty all of a sudden? Or am I misinterpreting your haiku? http://www.styleforum.net/t/279022/new-ties
Well, Butler's would be organic enough for me.
Does this tailor have a pedigree? Was he trained at Row etc.? There are too many bespoke tailors out there turning out mediocre products with less than stellar fit to recommend that route without seeing his product.
Anden - please sell me that jacket.
Shoulder to shoulder measurement?
Indian Hollywood.
Kering bought Brioni.
Greg, do you agree about tan color trou with the Cantarelli jacket? What other colours would work with it? The jacket is gorgeous, but wouldn't go with gray trou, I assume.
Not sure what you are looking for, but I love Gianni's (Passaggio Cravatte) offerings.
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