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Pics of shoulder measurements. Shoulder to shoulder is 18 " using the following method. The measurements were taken from the point where sleeve meets shoulders and back and front meet (a kind of a delta) Beginning... ...the end.
Damn that Jason is a slim guy, LOL, the jacket is again up for grabs as it is too slim for me (http://www.styleforum.net/t/422227/an-italian-jacket-in-loro-piana-fabric).
A wonderful F/W jacket by Riviera Milano in a stunning Loro Piana cloth. It's fairly slim-fitting 40/50R (drop 7) jacket. The price includes worldwide shipping. Bought from Henry Carter, the venerable tie maker, last week, but this is too slim for me - it's an Italian 50 and my body is rather more American than Italian. My words don't do justice to this jacket; thus, at Jason's permission I refer you to have a look at pics & measurements at the original sales...
The final piece of my recent "Help Save the B&S through Luxeswap campaign:" an Italian wool jacket in greenish brown with red and ecru check - bought from no less a sartorial authority than Henry Carter (thanks, Jason )
Some recent purchases: Shibumi (thanks, Braddock and Sander) Carmina suede Chelseas (thanks, Spoo) RLPL white tie vest (thanks, Stephen of Malford) Drake's fall ties (thanks, Stylecore) Viola Milano and Paul Stuart (thanks, Whusardi) RLPL green portfolio (thanks, Stephen of Malford) RLPL t-shirt (thanks, LS7) Not pictured: RLPL orange cashmere cardigan (thanks, Taxgenius) Brown Zegna pents in wool-cotton mix (thanks, Marblehouse) Canali and Lubiam...
Rarely seen at B&S. http://www.styleforum.net/t/407464/enzo-bonafe-wholecut-in-etrusco-calf
The blue neat? It proved to be one of my best-selling LS items ever.
Some top-notch stuff. http://www.styleforum.net/t/417055/ic-40r-suits-and-jackets-la-vera-panico-kiton-cuccinelli
Hi there Kevin,I hope you don't mind me asking. This is your tenth post in six years - why comment today of all those 2000 or so days that you have been a member?Hoping to hear from you again.Regards,Toni
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