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dw? http://www.dressedwell.net/threads/disagreeable-menswear-post-of-the-day.763/page-405
There has been some recent discussion over at the DW forum about the other Shibumi guy's (who has a similar jacket to yours) high-rise pants, could b a reference to that.
A long time ago a member was selling a pink Attolini cashmere tie on the old B&S subforum. In the course of the sale he hiked the price somewhat, breaking the rules. That gave rise to an epic SF thread / struggle.At some point Spoo got hold of that tie (or at least a similar one) and it returned to SF with a bang, verifying Nietzsche's hypothesis of eternal recurrence of the same.It's a tie that keeps on giving.
Doesn't look half bad.
Love that jacket. Suede loafers would have been great.
UC - tell us about that tie.
On fabrics:linen, cotton, shantung, and matka are particularly nice during spring-summer season when colors can also be lighter.Standard silk ties are good year-round.Wool, cashmere, and challis are great for fall-winter.Silk neats (dots, floral, PoW, houndstooth, etc.) are the most formal style of ties and thus especially appropriate for suit get-ups.Knits are great for more casual looks (odd jackets).
Markus - that's an excellent fit. Care to share the details?
Thanks, Crusty, although it's a Boston Terrier (as a breed it's quite similar to French bulldog, in fact, and many people mix the breeds; Boston Terriers are slightly slimmer though).
Really liking this new LBM cotton suit. Worn with a white-blue striped shirt and a black grenadine tie.
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