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Is this used for any activity "in the jacks" or just for jacking off?
Is this a 50 or so?
But there will be competing bids I assure you. Let the best bid win!
Very, very nice.
I hope you're enjoying Riviera.
Some crappy photos (natural light is getting sparse up here in the North) of some random stuff. Canali canvas and leather messenger bag with a dust bag: Navy Cappelli and coral Shibumi: Canali bold windowpane jacket: Zegna cashco trou in chocolate: Canali grey flannels:
Very nice.
Pics of shoulder measurements. Shoulder to shoulder is 18 " using the following method. The measurements were taken from the point where sleeve meets shoulders and back and front meet (a kind of a delta) Beginning... ...the end.
Damn that Jason is a slim guy, LOL, the jacket is again up for grabs as it is too slim for me (http://www.styleforum.net/t/422227/an-italian-jacket-in-loro-piana-fabric).
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