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[/CENTER][/quote] That jacketing is gorgeous.
PB has lost it.
Milano was a slim, fashion-forward line, which AFAIK is no longer manufactured. Mainline is just "Canali," while other lines are labelled accordingly ("Kei", "Exclusive").
Ed Morel.
Some purchases over the past month or so: Pal Zileri blue cashmere blazer; PT101 brown marled wool trou for F/W and Incotex ivory wool trou for S/S; Bright blue Pal Zileri knit tie and blue repp tie from RLP; Armani down vest; Formal shirt (white tie); Hackett felt weekend bag; RLP cashmere palm sweater. That's it, I think.
Claghorn's Jury Prize.
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Braddock - tell me about the sweater.
All are fine, IMO, but the yellow one will be difficult to rock as bright yellow is not easy to pair. I bet Tira could do it, though.
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