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Oxford cloth button-down, an American classic.
Ed was selling that jacket over at B&S - too bad I didn't pull the trigger.
Very nice brown and green ties on offer...as well as Matuozzo shirts...hhmmm
Hi there, I would like to purchase a pair of Sutors (the orange tassel loafers). Shipping to Finland would be 40 bucks, right?' Best, Toni
that's a great subvertisement for Shibumi ties Just kidding, of course, I will continue patronizing your enterprise.
A bit windy in Berlin today?
Very, very nice. Love the fabric.
I am actually contemplating the orange Attolini - to be paired with white trou for the classic and timeless summer creamsickle look. It's 0,5" too long, however, and shortening could be difficult as the pockets would end up too low.
Is the tie from Will Boehlke at ASW? I like it a lot, although I see it might be difficult to pair.
Born in the late '70s in Finland, I have no memories of the incident at all, but the characters have been immortalized by James Ellroy, to be sure.
New Posts  All Forums: