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I can't really imagine a job that would prevent a brief note to his fairly sizeable clientele at StyFo - it would take five minutes at most. He must take a dump every now and then and surely one could look at this thread while doing it.I'm afraid it's health issues, as I've always had such good service from Shaya.
Thanks for mentioning the Loro Piana jacket I have up for sale. Will discount 10 % if you mention this thread.
A stunning Loro Piana jacket in earthy-green-rust fabric (wool-cashmere). This is a primo jacket for the fall season, given the colors, but will work throughout the winter as well given the cashmere (10 %). The tagged sz is 50 (US 40), but would work as a 52 as well, as it has been designed to accommodate a (Loro Piana, no doubt) sweater. Bought NWT from B&S in 2013. Haven't worn the jacket in two years, since I've lost some weight, so it's about time this stunner...
That Barbera jacket
I take sz 52 in most brands (Canali, Eidos, Isaia, etc.). Should I go with 52 in Bella Spalla jackets as well?
Went with the beige Ragosta. Will try to post a pic of its maiden voyage.
Thanks, man, that's good enabling. Will purchase the C-coat later today.
Again looking for sizing advice / general enabling comments. I've been eyeing the beige Ragosta currently on sale at Marcus Malmborg. I would go for the size 52 on that one. One thing that struck me, however, was something that Ireilly pointed out: fair skin may wash out with light colors, during fall / winter in particular. As an alternative I'm thinking of the Japanese C-coat, worn below by Glen...
Thanks, looks great.
Looking for some sizing advice on the Ragosta coat. I have one Eidos piece: an odd jacket in the Lorenzo configuration, bought from the NMWA in 2015. It is 52 and is fairly slim on me. I'm now contemplating purchasing a Ragosta from Malcolm M. ( I would assume 52 would work, as I'm not planning to wear it over tailored clothing but with crewneck sweaters and the like (nothing too chunky). Anyone...
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