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Excellent write-up. Really made me want to visit the store.
Men have always indulged artists. Grown men having sex with teenagers and bragging about it. Giving interviews completely smahed. Never arriving on time. Using foul language in public. None of these would be tolerated from businessmen, politicians, or professionals. But they are common habits of writers, painters, and rock stars.While Ambrosi's field is fairly exotic art of pantalone making, he indeed appears to be the rock star of his genre.
Given that Paul mostly wears bespoke, I assume the jacket's pulling is due to his stance. If it always looks like that it is indeed too tight.
Surely Greg would need an industrious personal assistant interested in men's clothing.
Check it out. Like FilmNoirBuff, it's a clothing forum for those who drift away from SF for various reasons. Very enjoyable, although both are parasitical on SF for the best stuff (making fun of various SF characters).
Also on Dressedwell Noodles swore that he's done with SF. Repeatedly. Never say never.
That's a very nice, unfussy look.
I love green, but rarely wear my purple ties, although I like purple in principle. I wouldn't mind that green one, and have always been happy with my Shibumi purchases.
Withing wishing to take sides, the whole debacle reminds me of those of Foo...
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