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I am actually contemplating the orange Attolini - to be paired with white trou for the classic and timeless summer creamsickle look. It's 0,5" too long, however, and shortening could be difficult as the pockets would end up too low.
Is the tie from Will Boehlke at ASW? I like it a lot, although I see it might be difficult to pair.
Born in the late '70s in Finland, I have no memories of the incident at all, but the characters have been immortalized by James Ellroy, to be sure.
A rare tie miss from Braddock, IMO. The jacket is swell.
Yorker has some absolutely beautiful pieces by Attolini up for sale, including three cashmere jackets and an overcoat. I'm seriously tempted. Check out this cashmere jacket. http://www.styleforum.net/t/471982/cesare-attolini-bespoke-pure-thick-cashmere-sport-coat-38-40-r-l I would love to rock this in spring. http://www.styleforum.net/t/471540/cesare-attolini-40r-bright-cashmere-orange-windowpane-sport-coat Perfect gun club...
Is the length bottom of collar?
Edmund is that you?On a serious note - Vox or Manton?
Just placed an order - Rubinacci Victory and white MOP studs and links for white tie attire.
I've always enjoyed his antics. Could someone please link the 2010 Moo's departure thread.
A local haberdashery sells a pantalone brand named Berwich, and they told me Berwich has made trousers for Borrelli. Could have been just a selling point, though.
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