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I'm always amazed how different you look from what I imagined based on your previous (horse-blanket) pics (your taste in clothes seems to have changed a bit in the intervening years).
That's a stunning sweater.
Roycru: what I especially like about your posts is that you're from LA. While there are quite a few posters from SF, you and SVB are among the rare ones from LA (full disclosure: I've never been to LA and perhaps never will, but I love the idea of LA).
Don't own any Eidos as I no longer buy that much from the US, but the brand seems to have hit a proper price point; Nick also has an aesthetic vision many on SF can relate to. What nicer brands are you thinking of at this price point?
That's a hideous knot, to be honest.
Tuck in the pocket square. How do you feel about the buttoning point (looks a bit high)?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/499585/from-napoli-stunning-brand-new-orazio-luciano-la-vera-sartoria-napoletana-charcoal-grey-superfine-wool-suit-size-40us-50eu Orazio Luciano suit in staple charcoal.
Yes, you can only "give reputation."
[/quote] Sander, is that you - I could swear it's Braddock
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