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Would love it.
it was the blue and white stripes poplin. I should probably post a pic with few ties I got from him.
Got myself one of those Italian shirts Inimitable is selling. This thread is wrecking my finances...
Tell us more.
Hey Taxgenius,I bought a bright orange cardigan sweater from you last fall (RLPL, sz L). Turned into my favorite before our puppy found it and decided to throw it around with its sharp claws. Now it's full of holes. If you happen to bump into one in RL sales, please let me know
Chelsea boots are preferred by both Ralph Lauren and DocHolliday of the SF's "old guard." Suede chelseas and gray flannels are a handsome combination, IMO. I would even wear black calf chelseas with a suit.
I am based within the EU.
Here's another shout-out from a customer who bought two (burgundy grenadine and blue macclesfield). Excellent product and service.
I'm glad that brown casentino only ships within the States.
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