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Right, had to restrain myself so as not to buy four.
..need to give this some thought...
Just purchased a scarf from Edmorel, and now eyeing a Kiton jacket.
Too much good stuff in my size at the moment...must resist.
How would you describe the main color? The over check is clearly blue, but the base could be greenish or brownish.
Some purchases made over the past three months. Ties from Shibumi, Cappelli, Vanda, and Eredi Chiarini Drakes light cashmere scarf Linen-cotton paisley hank Gant wool rugger Not pictured: a blue Barba dress shirt, Pal Zileri gray flannels.
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Probably my favorite among your fits.Tom Miller: that's a great tie.
Gotham Red Devil.
Your robo pose (in the upper picture) still needs some work
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