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Claghorn's Jury Prize.
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Braddock - tell me about the sweater.
All are fine, IMO, but the yellow one will be difficult to rock as bright yellow is not easy to pair. I bet Tira could do it, though.
DTOing UrbanComposition?
Very nice.
Some beautiful stuff in that store - perhaps 2015 will bring me an umbrella and a few Cappelli ties.
Just a shout-out to B&S: bought a mint RLPL suit for less than 300 USD and the seller, dfoverdx, added a 7-fold Kiton as a compliment. Wouldn't happen on eBay.
Finland, no?
Purchases made during the past six weeks or so. My first double-breasted. Taupe Canali POW with red overcheck. Fabric close up. Roll, Lapel, Roll. Brown RLPL suit with white pinstripe. Isaia ties. A gift from Spoo: brown Drake's neat. Kiton 7-fold in summery peach...a gift from a generous SF seller. Shibumi steez: POW in grey wool. Not pictured: Brioni blue-white stripe shirt for which I paid more than for any other shirt so far...I was pissed off...
New Posts  All Forums: