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Please PM me pricing for Walnut Strands in 7D. Thanks!
What you posted isn't a Filson bag (unless I'm mistaken), so why did you post it in this thread?
I like the inclusion of "new" colors to a lot of the stuff. Examples - the red shorts as well as the violet shorts, the blue jacket as well as the green jacket, those (teal?) chinos, etc...
+1Going custom-made is really your only option, because I can't think of any similar-styled wallets for cheaper off the top of my head. Search around on etsy for leatherworkers too, and ask them to commission something for you.
Timberland has a 40% off everything sale going on right now. Use code FRIEND11These are pretty good: in spoiler: [[SPOILER]]
If it can't, there's something wrong with it and Filson's customer care department will be more than happy to fix it for you (given previous experience).
I'd say Pumas if had to choose between those two - but I don't get why the Pumas have that frayed look to them. It looks cheap since it's fake.What about sticking to some basic Chucks or Jack Purcells? Or take a look at Tretorn's canvas shoes.
I've heard good things about the Polo RL Jamford. Pic in the spoiler. Comes in under $100. [[SPOILER]]
Again, can't speak for everybody, but I like my clothing and accessories to have a little character. I like them to say something about me and how I wear or use those items. Like raw denim, canvas bags tend to fade and get worn-in rather nicely (so does leather for that matter). Filson bags are great because they have leather + canvas.That being said - I don't think I'd ever pair a well-worn Filson bag with a sleek suit. Other have done this with varying degrees of...
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