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Icarus has further reductions 60% off Ervell
Icarus now has 50% off pretty much everything. Still some decent Patrik Ervell, BoO and Robert Geller Seconds left
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis unfortunately their prices are so high (at least on BoO) that even with the 30% discount and free shipping the shirts are still 190 otherwise was going to cop the shirt that I ordered at SW before my order there got canceled you can still use twentyoff to get an additional 20% off - 30% off and free shipping bought the Ervell pattern sweater and a BoO shirt
Icarus Store has 20% off and free worldwide shipping if you enter twentyoff at checkout
field coat up at Icarus Store. I want this so badly
the leather isn't that waxy at all in person. I've had my desert boots for about a year now, worn them fairly regularly and they've held up pretty well - will probably need a resole soon though.
What do people think about the label Vanishing Elephant? I own a pair of the desert boots and pretty happy with the construction and quality - and the pricepoint isn't too bad. Thought I might start a discussion since I've seen it stocked in places like Blackbird and Need Supply.
Icarus Store has some new items up on their online store. Pattern sweater and winter buttondown looks dope.
eye cee on king st in newtown stock oliver peoples and dita eyeglasses
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