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Slacktide, I had similar measurements (and about the same height and weight): S2S: 16.5 Chest: 37 (on full inspiration or flexing) Midsection: 29.5 Waist/hips: 33 Front length: 21 Sleeve length: 24?? Do I have gorilla arms? Bicep: 12 My question is, how much should these be edited if we're getting a closely fitted coat, like the 2011 Moto? Also, is my arm length possible?
Just picked up a pair of the ST-210 at the Arlington Denim Bar, but they were only $165 instead of $195. Are these an older run or something? What's the difference? Measurements seem pretty close to the Selfedge site.
Totally not clothing related, but hit up the Shake Shack. So delicious, and will keep you going on your trip. Chinatown buses are definitely rickety, 100% shady, but cheaper than the others as well as having the most flexible schedules.
Driving up from DC is going to be expensive unless you have the EZ pass (or whatever the automatic toll payment device is called). If you want to go up to NY for fun anyway, grab a Megabus or Boltbus or one of the Chinatown buses. The first two, if you get them early enough, start at $1 each way, with the most expensive being around $40 roundtrip I think. Is it worth it? No, I don't think so, but if you're going up for other things than sure, stop by.
Looked around a bit and couldn't find much in the way of sizing down on the ST-210 black coated. I'm between 29-30 true waist - according to measurements, the 29 seems right on, but I thought I saw people sizing down 2. Is that just for people who want a slimmer fit? They seem pretty slim as is. Also with the ST-210 - will a soak (hot or cold, no detergent) take off the coating?
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