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Missed out on a few opportunities recently while raising the cash, and now there's nothing to be found. Looking for a 2010 scarstitch in size 46, black, in BIAS (bison), CORS or HOIL (horse) and in black. Never realized how much of a unicorn this was since I just started looking, but damn it's tough finding these. Must come in waves or something. Thanks!
I've been searching the interwebs all over for some help with this, but can't really find anything. Any shorter guys (5'8" or less) wearing CCP leathers? I'm pretty sure the high neck is going to be way too long. The scarstitch is shorter but not sure how it would look. I can't try on before I buy since there's no where around here that sells it. Anybody know? I know there's a female version of the high neck that would probably fit better but I'm really more interested in...
Crap that thing looks nice. I'm afraid it'd be too long (sleeves ridiculously so) for me though (5'8"). Chest and shoulder measurements are spot on though. Anybody my size have any experience with it?
Thanks for the advice regarding KKA vs Guidi! Still torn though. I'm a smaller skinnier guy, so the Guidi 988 would hopefully not look too ridiculous. They are very different, which is why it's harder to decide I think. Ultimately might have to let my pocketbook choose, and that would go to the KKA. Thanks again!
KKA Guidi Fiore attachment side-zips: OR Guidi 988 soft horse back zips? My only real concern with the KKA is that the shaft might be too big (I have tiny ankles). Also does anybody know how the KKA fits? TTS?
Bought the tote a while back and can't find the tote holder code. Should I just buy now and then ask to apply it retroactively when they email me back?
I swear I'm not normally at H&M this much, but stopped in at the Century City mall location and they have a bit of the other clothes (no black/grey side zips though). I have no idea what the official names are, but they had a good size run of the blue shawl knit sweater (~$60), suiting, that crazy oversized white jacket, the weird denim/khaki pants, the actually pretty decent tan overcoat with the inverted lapels, and a bunch of women's stuff it looks like. All discounted...
Down to $30 at the Hollywood location too. Wide range of side zips in black and white, plus tons of the painted white and beige slip ons.
I kind of got the feeling like she just decided at that moment. There wasn't any sign on the bin, and when I brought them to the counter she said, "You know these are... $50... on sale?" So I said, sure, sounds good.
Hit up the Long Beach Trading Co... pickings are getting slimmer, and prices are now $50 for what's in the box. Grabbed a pair of SC 1966 in 31x32, KMW 2010 in 31, and SC lot 321 for a friend in 28. Not decided about keeping them. Anyone know if the KMW 2010 will shrink with a hot soak? The SC in 31 might be a bit too baggy for me, might flip them on the 'bay soon.
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