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Ha I had the exact same experience with mine. Super fast shipping, incredible communication, and amazing pants. Well, other than the equally damp package. Snug around the waist but accurate to the measurements. Thanks again Zam!
Just wanted to add another, unnecessary, endorsement of Zenmarket service. They contacted a Japan Yahoo Auction seller to relist a jacket that hadn't sold and worked with him to get me the item. Fees were more than reasonable and package same super fast via EMS. Thanks!
Thank you for the explanation. So if a package is worth 340000yen and I mark it down to 200000yen, do I pay 9% of 340000 (30600yen) or do I pay 9% of 140000 (12600)?
Do you have to pay for the insurance fee if you want to mark your package value down? If I'm willing to take the risk and leave it at 200000 yen when shipped by EMS, do I have to pay for the insurance on the entire cost of the item?
Really liking the lowtop M_moriabc but haven't seen any fit pics. I was torn between blowing my shoe budget on these or drips, and in the end decided that these are much less of a statement piece, something I can wear without feeling like my feet are super aggressive. Anybody try on the lowtops? How thick is the sole? Pretty comfortable?
Appreciate the info. Given how hard it is to find second hand, it looks like I'm going to end up going the Matteo route so I guess the second hand issue is not.
I'd also be interested. I'm assuming if you buy second hand there's no way to have it repaired by them if something tears or you lose a metal part or something?
Sz 46 in bison or cors. Just waiting for one to pop up on the various B&S forums or for retailers to restock.
Damn I just emailed Matteo yesterday about when they were restocking the scarstitches. Do you know what all was in this shipment?
Oops wrong thread
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