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Apologies, edited post to remove link.
So, a while back there was some discussion about a few YYPH pieces sold second-hand with misspelled tags reading "INSTRCTIONS" and "ETIQETTE" instead of "INSTRUCTIONS" and "ETIQUETTE." As an additional data point, here's another one in the wild. Image from (edit : removed) : I've never seen the type of hanging signature tag shown in the other photos, but perhaps someone can fill in that detail. It's too bad there's no photo of the fabric code, or we could see if it...
I'm glad I'm one of the few natural size 4s around here. Always on the lookout for the AW08; the girl and I tried on so much stuff when the flagship store on Gansevoort was still open. Lovely sales staff -- we had no $$$ and looked it, but they treated us like royalty. And then a year -- maybe a year and a half? -- later, it was gone. Tch tch.
I picked up that last jacket -- the one with the multiple lapels -- on a whim a while back. Because it wasn't as outré as my other Yohji stuff, I thought "oh, I might use this occasionally." As it turns out, I find myself wearing it with all sorts of outfits for just that reason -- its subtlety makes it an extremely versatile complement to other pieces. I urge you to consider it, if the price is right, and assure you it will become an absolute staple in your wardrobe.
Quick photo of the variant "parachute jacket" we were discussing, so you can see the shoulder and back hem attachment points. Had to amp up the brightness in the photo -- the color is a true black, not the blue shown.HN-J04-104 : 59% wool, 17% rayon, 12% linen, and 12% ramieBelow the break, a closeup of the weave on this hefty fabric : [[SPOILER]]
Read the labels, and read all the way through, because Yohji is a magnificently perverse bastard.I own a pair of ramie / rayon trousers from SS07, and the care tag actually says "in the event of cleaning, it is required to remove all buttons from this garment". I am not joking. These trousers have six buttons on the fly alone. I can only guess what they're made out of ... some kind of very fragile wood? Pressed, varnished paper? Compressed cornstarch? I have no idea. But...
I own one of the variant jackets I think you're referring to -- it's similar to the one davidlee posted, but there are some interesting differences. You could think of it as the more "formal" variant, I suppose. It's unvented, with flap pockets instead of patch pockets, the buttons are black horn instead of metal, and there's no hood. The attachments at the elbows have been moved to the rear shoulder seams. There are also an extra set of attachments which I didn't see on...
These three pieces had all better go to the same size-3 Yohji devotee, because I want -- nay, demand -- to see the fit pics with the whole suit.
There are physical stores which stock Grinders (at least, I've bought them at now-defunct brick-and-mortar stores) so they are out there. I don't believe they have their own stores, though.Anyway, I may be getting off-topic for this thread. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
As a guy with EEE-width feet, I sympathize.Some thoughts on other footwear complementary to the YY "look" :If you like the look of the Docs but need more width, I suggest taking a look at the Grinders brand of boots, which are similar in style and price point but have a wider standard fit and roomier toebox (also, a seriously sturdier construction). I can never fit Docs, but Grinders are perfect.Here's their 8-eyelet model :
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