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Why would you try to present argument points to get your girlfriend to be more stylish? Either she is open to new things or she isn't. I've tried to talk an old girlfriend into being more open to new styles but she liked being simple-we didn't last.
Didn't think Chinese hot and sour soup would get this kind of respect and attention.
China's regulations in general have been making improvements. They're still behind in development...give them some time
Brita is so hot. Does anybody else find Ken Jeong NOT that funny? He is an odd fad. And the Gay dean is priceless.
I've never had buffalo before but I want to try.
More weightlifting and eat well (hearty). Swimming is great for you, congrats on the progress so far. I would swim but don't feel good immersing myself in a large tub of chemicals. As for the sentiment towards jogging/running, I hate it with a passion. I don't run period and I go through life just fine without it. I usually feel people on the treadmill are suckers when I'm in and out of the gym in an hour.
The recent drop is a correction. Panic if you want but it just makes the market that much friendlier to the real players.
For a clean face, you gotta start with basics. -Wash your face with a decent cleanser, natural if possible -Use a soft towel and get your dead skin off and pores cleaned out -Wash again -dry with clean towel -My personal strategy is to use virgin or expeller pressed coconut oil. (anti fungal/microbial/bacterial/good for overall health, read The Coconut Oil Miracle). The good oil will help to prevent your skin from needing to produce your own dirty oil. -wash pillow...
You def. need some good saturated fats in your diet to help with satiety. Try this, grill up some lean protein (fatty cuts from pastured sources only) in some coconut oil (you should watch out and get this from a clean source as well like expeller pressed or first press. Eat it with a big batch of veggies stir fry, a little potato and cultured yogurt with strawberries. That should make you nice and full for a long time. Farmers used to feed pigs coconut oil to...
There should be some natural hair waxes if you google it. My hair stylish told me to stay away from hairspray, that stuff damages your hair the most.
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