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the queen has spoken and is uncomfortable with the demands of the peasants.
Romney knows he is over if he releases his tax information.
5'9 is a good height...most dress shoes will give you a decent inch so I think you're ok.
Don was really shaken up by Peggy's leaving but is it really a surprise? I feel like Peter is going to kill somebody soon.
I remember seeing in this thread a pic of a tan jacket with pink tie and green pocket square, all beautifully arranged. It might've been one of PSG's 'moved or deleted' pics. Anybody know where I can find this picture? Anybody have it saved?
I'd recommend Santa Monica as well, I love that place (there relatively often)What are you looking to do in LA? relax or absorb as much as possible? or maybe both?
I have a concierge company and my clients tend to buy wine a lot. Anybody know wine vendors here that would like to jump into an affiliate relationship with me?
Meanwhile, Ron Paul supporters secured 22 of a possible 25 RNC delegates at the GOP state convention in Sparks, Nevada this weekend. 21/21 in Maine.
title was copied and pasted but I'll take zeitgeist.
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