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Paul Ryan, the so called conservative:
I'm surprised he didn't get fined for selling raw lemonade without a permit.
Ryan voted Yes on the Patriot Act and on NDAA 2012 (gives executive branch power to kidnap Americans without due process).Romney supports both the Patriot Act and NDAA 2012.Yes Obama supports both as well.I love how people are calling Ryan a fiscal hawk when his brilliant plan to balance the budget would ONLY take 40 years to achieve.
Picking Paul Ryan...suggests Romney is insecure about the GOP base. Not even his senior campaign staff thinks he can win...lol.
lol the comments were much nicer than I expected for SF. Yea, If I were you, I'd shave, grow out more hair and do some exercise. Be confident about who you are and be a gentleman.
All of you need to read "The Creature from Jekyll Island: Here is a free education: http://ia700503.us.archive.org/33/items/Creature_From_Jekyl_Island/Jekyll.pdf
Nothing wrong with Javyn, there are some ignorant turds in CE but he is not one of them. Didn't even think anybody could get banned from this place, thats how low the standards are.
None of the smarty pants in C&E want to face the truth. lol.
I just keep buying suede.
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