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Guys if you're looking to make quick BIG buck, CNUV is red hot right now. Shot up 57% yesterday with the news of an 8k coming. 10% in the first hour of today's trading. Shares can't be diluted til 2014, yadda yadda your hw and slap that assssssk!
Anybody here into gold mines? GPXM has been hitting the PR machine hard recently. Proven gold in the ground, more than one mining location, mergers, production costs are lowering... things are looking good.
Assuming she is wealthy This is a good opportunity, do it. Imagine the types of friends she has and you will be directly connected to them. This can open many doors if you play your cards right, an introduction to a new job, cooking for other individuals/families that can eventually turn into your own concierge cooking company. Never burn bridges to wealthy people, it just changes your life so dramatically if you're ambitious.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower 1 order of In n Out French Fries 1 Small Container of Rice Pudding 1 Small Container of Vanilla Pudding 20 Danish Pancakes heavily sprinkled with Cinnamon 2 Yoplait Yogurts 1 Tall can of Coconut Juice 1 Frozen Vodka shot And a Partridge in a Pear Tree... If that is cheating, what kind of food do you eat normally?
used to eat tons of bacon and eggs and stopped, same thing with ice cream. I eat mostly chicken breast, beef, veggies, rice, pasta, whatever I'm in the mood for I'll run to the market and make it at home.
I thought all talks were finalized and Floyd just had to sign the contract but he didn't?
Money still ducking after being offered $60M for the Manny fight? Sugar fought Manny, time for Money to step up, no more B.S.
Wonder if the OP actually took any advice and what worked for him.
For some reason, my right wrist can't fully bend backwards like it used to and also cause pain when I try to bend it back. This prevents me from doing certain things like open palm pushups. I'm curious if anybody has this issue also.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Here it is, the very best hot sauce - Cholula, made in Mexico. Available most places (Safeway, etc.). Hot, but not burning. Full of flavor not just heat. (Why I like it better than Tabasco) It comes in the bottle with the real wooden cap. A family favorite for years, we use it often for breakfast and seafood as well as for traditional Mexican food dishes. Try it next time you have scrambled eggs or fresh...
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