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Johnson, the one who...http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/record
Because they know no other world in which to exist in.The good news is alternative news breaks records all the time, the msm is desperate to stay relevant, losing viewers every quarter. Shit news will go where it belongs, thanks to the internet.
CE already sucks and is filled with egomaniacs and this is your complaint? (not saying its a bad one, but there would be other things to work on). Maybe it needs more mods...I don't know.
Smart guy, defender of free markets, right on the dot when he talks about the economy. Can't stand him sometimes though (not obnoxious, just annoying). My friend works for his investment firm so we know Peter Schiff exists..haha.
Thanks to Mitt Romney, I now understand how much of a strain PBS is on the American economy. LMAO Americans have been propagandized to forget that the role of POTUS isn't to create jobs or keep the people safe. The Presidents' job is to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic and defend its integrity. We now have people going to the president to solve all of our problems, we have absolutely no accountability anymore. I hope the SF 'brainiacs' who are...
Fox still lost overall viewers year on year. And anybody who says Fox is unbiased or fair and balanced...lmao, get out.
and thou shall not deny the king his right to kidnap and kill his peasants.no, seriously..but then again, the other guy that wants to be king wants the same powers. can't even make this shit up.
When you have a valid argument, you may present it. political crowd..lmao...
^^^^ not planning to defend Ryan at all, can't defend somebody without a consistent record to stand on.
You want to follow polling in the swing states and where the electoral college stands. National polls won't really tell you what you need to know for November.
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