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First one sounds like a boss level in Super Mario. Spend your time doing other things...this is a dead end for you.
Good thing about these guys is they don't give you any reasons to leave. If anything, buy more while the ask is low.
Taiwan is full of great food, like some others have suggested, Ding Tai Fung is a must go to restaurant for their amazing food and quick service. I've been there in Taipei and Beijing and they're all great. Some of the foods you should try: stinky tofu: (tzo do fu) egg/oyster pancake : (ou ah tzen) this is my favorite meat inside a gelatinous oval ball, fried and smothered in a sweet/sour sauce: (ba wan) fried chicken patties the size of your head for $1 airy shaved ice...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn GPXM.OB PR This and GLUU are the only things keeping my portfolio green during this bloodbath. Haha, you have me to thank for that one. GPXM is a great one though, things are going great for them, rising steadily.
I want to pick up a pair of patent leather shoes and love the Paul Smith pitney patent leather black but impossible to find, you guys know anything?
Since you said you have 8-12 of each design, do you have the red/white dotted bowtie in a more ruby red?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwright11 Yes they are. I would also say they are without a doubt the leader of that industry and they are expanding into covers, accessories, etc. is it a franchise? I see kiosks in almost every mall. They do have a competitive edge.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwright11 I've got my eye on investin in ZAGG, anybody have any thoughts on this company? Very strong EPS, revenue and sales growth here. is zagg that mobile phone lcd cover brand?
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Yeah. I'm definitely interested, but don't watch to catch the knife here heheh. Threw a little into that GPXM, why not. GLUU is looking to take off. I'm watching this one today, if it can close above 5.75, all new highs. Nice! GPXM is good but went in on CNUV for some quick profits. First is a tortise but latter is a goddamn hare!
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog lol sounds like a pump and dump to me that's why you gotta do your hw and decide if it's worth the risk. that is the penny world for you...
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