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@ Matt, lol chill on the sarcasm there, excess, excess. @ indesertum, well that is what you prefer, the OP is asking to get better at basketball, nothing better than to just throw yourself out there and learn. That is how I learned how to play basketball, understand basic rules and people on the courts will correct you.
drink as much water as possible, take in complex carbs, eat lots of fiber, oats, whole wheat everything, anything that is fresh veggies and fruits. Just eat fruits all day long. Do a brisk 30-45 minute walk a day. Don't lose weight too fast just make sure don't take in empty calories like white rice, white bread, noodles, etc... Drop the fried stuff and anything sauteed, lower your meat consumption, grill or boil your food.
sunglasses look pretty cool.
Interested in the cardigan, does it stretch easily?
Hermes belt looks good but I think 72 is like a 29 and I wear 30. Deveandepot, how does it feel when you wear it and what pant size are you? What is the measurement of the wideness?
damn, all xs and s sold out, hurry up and get more inventory!
I was in Shanghai in late 08 for two days and went to a club in the mall/plaza right by Louis Vuitton (near Pu Xi Hilton Hotel). I forgot the name of it but that club was pretty nice, full of europeans, beautiful people. I was having a great time with a hot ass russian girl but too bad I had to fly back to Beijing right after... Shanghai is a fun place, I'm looking foward to going back soon.
watched it last night, thought it was a great movie. Is it just me or is it harder and harder to find movies that I enjoy?
i like my mac...cant go wrong
Read up on rules, and play pick up games at your local park/basketball court, don't be shy just keep playing, thats the only way to get better. Try not to play with the same people on a consistent basis, you get too comfortable and won't get any better.
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