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I can never find belts I like, I can never find pocket squares period, I like to see some tie bars, tie pins, dress socks, suspenders... I'll come back with more later.
For hotels, what types of hotels are you looking for? Botique, 5 star, ultra luxury, posh, traditional, affordable? I can give a few suggestions but it depends what you prefer.
damn, love these deck shoes.
Very awesome, I will consider this.
You guys sure? did you double stack or triple stack? the sale items in question were already marked down + 30% sale, sales rep said I couldn't add a student discount on top of that. I got away with a couple of nice items though. student discounts are 20%.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Yeah that's a problem. I haven't been limiting myself to one small meal a day, more like two average-ish meals. I'll have my egg whites in the morning (which is a solid plateful) and then like... a chicken breast and salad later on. Which isn't bad. But yeah I just want to make sure that getting into a more normal, 1500-2000 calorie / day diet doesn't result in me losing all I've gained (or more literally, gaining back...
I'm not sure but I'm around 11-12% right now, exercise regularly like cardio and moderate weight lifting (i prefer pull ups, dips, ab work, curls), eat healthy, lots of fresh food, fruits veggies. I rarely ever take in empty calories like white rice, noodles, bread. I eat tons of whole wheat, fiberous food, oats, beans, what not. I'm 6ft. 162lbs and I want to get to 8% body fat, it's very tough for me to get down any further than I am right now. Anybody have any tips...
I went to South Coast Plaza and you cannot stack student discount on their sale items. The jeans that I saw were straight fit and horrible fit (at least in my terms).
Seems like the only way you can be truly happy with your decision is just to leave home, get your load off of their shoulders, get a job, get into the college of your choice so you can do what you want, as you pay for it.
@ Matt, lol chill on the sarcasm there, excess, excess. @ indesertum, well that is what you prefer, the OP is asking to get better at basketball, nothing better than to just throw yourself out there and learn. That is how I learned how to play basketball, understand basic rules and people on the courts will correct you.
New Posts  All Forums: