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You get it from the different forms of straining, from all of the above that others have said, even consistent coughing. I've had it before, dumps were terrible coming every few days (probably my very low veggie consumption). I've had it for years and it I recently started going once or twice a day because of the intake of more veggies, starches, and cultured foods. You just have to stimulate your system with not only fiber but good bacteria and water. You can only...
Were you considered late because they wouldn't let you clock in before or after a certain time? This used to happen to me a lot at work. I'd show up too early and couldn't clock in so I'd do some work and miss the clock punch, or clock out for lunch and go back to work and it gets too busy so I forgot to clock back in. Stupid rules for honest people...
You guys judge on the interior design as if Barry picked it all out, come on guys...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 He will end up a wreck. Maybe lose his job at the firm but finally free to walk away from the Draper facade. The show is called MAD(ison) MEN and basically revolves around the advertising industry of New York. The show is 80% about the business anyways.
What are the ingredients to making this deodorant?
The unemployment rate is currently higher than much of you think and thus will be higher than you think it will be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nereis China and Russia are already telling it's citizens to start hoarding gold to hedge against a Dollar collapse. When your bed partners are bailing out, you know it's time for change. That is the most fishiest part of all of this, as they tell their people to buy more gold, we are bombarded with CASH 4 GOLD ads all day long.
Dress shirts should be quality but as long as it fits and feels good, can be any price. Have a couple of blazers that are quality Jeans, pants and shorts can be moderately priced Accessories can be cheap Have a couple of decent watches (If I had to choose, I'd take one great gold watch though). Shoes gotta be bold and top notch (take care of these babies). Basics like henley, crew, v neck, etc...can be cheap also.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lone Wolf He and Don's daughter were very close and part of why she's having the problems she is now is due to his death. That arc also brought out some of the basis of Betty's dysfunctionality. They were? I only remember her stealing $5 from him and thats pretty much all the interaction they had... I thought the entire series has been good so far but the awkward moments are soooooo cold, makes me just go WTF!
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy The direction of the swastika doesn't mean anything. They have it in both directions in India. It's a symbol for auspiciousness and is used in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It's all over the place in India. A girl was ridiculed at school for wearing the Buddhist symbol on her necklace, teachers, students and administrators thought she was a nazi. Why isn't anybody teaching this stuff in school? I know they...
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