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All you need to do is bench press, deadlift, squats and chin ups. You don't really need a complete routine or program.
I went to school in hotel/restaurant management and worked in service industry for a while so I'm pretty familiar with tipping. First and only rule of tipping: You don't have to tip, if you feel they don't deserve it. I see people tipping shitty service all the time because they think it is standard. Don't bother, you're just giving servers an excuse to be lazy and letting new servers think they deserve tips no matter what they do. I worked in a pretty Ritz-y place...
No I didn't and no, I'm not going to. What are you trying to get at?Did you even buy your chopsticks yet?
Wow, get to know the place, smell doesn't really have much to do with it. Anybody can tell you how it smells in the city.
You ever been to Taiwan? sustainability/eco-responsibility is pretty popular there, and cleanliness...that is a given. Most Chinese I know are Buddhist, as am I, could be a hidden clue in there too.
For me and the Chinese that I know, we will carry around chopsticks to restaurants for sustainability and cleanliness, you guys don't even know how those shitty restaurant disposable chopsticks are made-it is pretty disgusting. I usually have a pair in my car, don't find it weird at all.
Hey guys I've been biting my nails since I was a toddler and stopped a few years ago at the age of around 19, I went on a trip and found out that I stopped needing to bite them after I came back. Since then I've noticed I only bite when my nails are weak or need trimming because of rough edges, keeping the nails filed and clean will prevent the need from trying to 'fix' them through biting (which only makes things worse and potentially painful if you go deep enough). The...
Yea WangFuJing isn't all that great. ^^^ There are a ton of great restaurants in Beijing, I remember a great Ding Tai Fung and Taiwanese restaurant at XingKongSanYe and some random places at SanLiTun. Just hit up some random tourists or locals if you're looking for friends, I thought it was so easy to make friends in Beijing.
I pretty much grew up with plastic chopsticks, we use long wooden to do certain stirfrys. I now prefer to use wood or bamboo and use metal if others are taken or for raw meat and beating eggs. The sound of metal hitting ceramic is very annoying, don't really understand why Koreans like using metal.
Magic Johnson sold his entire stake in the Lakers to invest in this new LA football team. I think it will work, all of the circumstances seem to be just right and set for success.
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