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How I voted and my reasoning: 30 No - I'm against tax increases, especially when there are no guarantee where the new funds will be spent in productive areas 31 No - Prevents tax cuts even in event of a surplus 32 Yes - to prevent unions and corps to use payroll deducted funds for political purposes 33 Yes - if you change to another insurance company and would like to keep your record and discounts.... 34 Yes - get rid of death row and more or less put that spending...
Nope and it should be left up to the states. We all know (or should know) about prohibitions' failures.
Obama is going to win and Romney is going to be irrelevant once again.
So why did big food corporations (like Monsanto, ConAgra and Pepsico) put up over $40 MILLION to stop 37?All of the small organic companies coming together to support 37 only amounted to less than $4 MILLION.
That guy was 08.This debate had:Gary JohnsonJill SteinVirgil GoodeRocky Anderson
^^^^ He is out of the Race.
Watch the debate here: starts at 1:15:00http://live.freeandequal.org/stream.html Why are the presidential debates closed? Find out here:
Here is something of substance: Gary Johnson live on the Phillip DeFranco show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S97wv_lEoJQ
lol I think you might've expected too much from CE...I'm not surprised to see Nathan Sproul at it again, he was running the voter fraud for Bush and he was the sole person (PAID Romney lackey) responsible for the ballot fraud executed at the Arizona state GOP convention, against Ron Paul.I'm not surprised with this, along with Bain being owners of the electronic voting machines in Ohio.We have to be realistic here though, Obama's got the same tricks up his sleeve.Politics...
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