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puffy eyes might have something to do with inconsistent or deprived sleep, is this the case? if so, please fix that and see how they are. I've read that most eye creams are just fakies, be very careful what you put around your eyes as an inch all around your eye is a very sensitive area. I recommend using organic if anything.
Post pics or nobody knows what you're really talking about and in the end, cannot help you achieve your desirable look.
Do what everyone else says but find a co-worker to partake in your outdoor lunches with you, socializing is a great way to unwind, just don't discuss company politics! If there is a nice lush green patch of grass outside, lay down a blanket under a shady tree and take a nice nap. I used to love naps during lunch breaks.
When I was in Switzerland, I encountered huge toblerones around 5 feet in length. I wonder how many calories were in those bad boys.
mimi pizza bagels!
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman So how do I tie my shoes? When I was in preschool, I didn't know how to tie my shoes so I just wrapped the laces around my ankes and tied a double knot.
I think Modern architecture and design/style is cool to look at in dream home magazines and online pictures but definitely not an inviting, warm environment to welcome you home everyday. I myself prefer spanish architecture and warm, interior design with traditional American ques. I still don't get modern design, definitely cannot imagine a completely white house with a bunch of white or funky colored furniture with minimalist spacing. I have a friend that has a very...
First, OP has to recognize what type of ride you prefer or like. Do you like sporty? aggressive? comfort? What creature comforts are most important to you? quality interior? fantastic and unique designs? warranties? customer service? status symbols? reliability? How come the Lexus IS350 is not a competitor in your lineup choices? In the following, I'd just like to state that I've personally driven (quite often, I might say) the following cars except for the A4 but I...
I feel good in a nice pair of boots.
Looks ok but I've bought off the shelf shirts that have fit better than that. I guess the important is, how much were you charged? and are you happy with the quality and fit?
New Posts  All Forums: