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Get red, who doesn't love a red car?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stu LMAO at Short New Hire raising his hand with a question, and no one could see him. I laughed for a prolonged amount of time when that happened. Good episode.
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 Hey, Can anyone help me not look feminine? I'm trying update my wardrobe and project a more studied, masculine image. Last night I was wearing a pair of black tapered velvet pants with shiny zippers (MARC JACOBS), a semi-sheer low v shirt (AMERICAN APPAREL), and some silver suede sneakers (EMMA HOPE). One of my friends, upon meeting up at a popular bar/grill to eat (BUFFALO WILD WINGS), said I looked a bit femme...
I slept like a champ in history.
Don't quit, you're probably just going to use the time you would've spent on working to hang out, drink, party, and be stupid anyways. Being busy is better than wasting time, and don't tell me you will really hunker down and study or at least make great use of those extra 20 hours a week. You said your job is relaxing? this is probably the best job you'll have while studying and it gives you experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher What???!!!! Where did you see this? Last I heard, the actor (whose name I forget) seemed a little miffed that he'd been written off. Especially after having to kiss and be groped by another man, LOL....
I'm actually really tempted to see how ridiculous this all really is.
what percentage of body fat were you when he helped you lose 8lbs fat and gain 2lbs muscle? Anyway, the obvious solution here is to just call up your original trainer and see if he has time to fit you in, if so, talk to Equinox management and have them switch you over, they will let the trainer know, you don't owe her shit, especially if she hasn't been listening to your needs.
I also like it for entertainment reasons, trying to get any real work done on the ipad is insanely difficult. It took me 2 hours to do what it usually takes me 30 minutes to do on the internet.
Surprised they use grassfed beef for the burger, what oil do they fry the fries in? How much did you pay for your meal?
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