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For all of you that get disgusted by this, you are so disconnected from the natural world.
Doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, it is the right and polite thing to do to open the door or keep the door open for everyone. I think only elderly/handicapped people get priority.
I won't say that this beats some of the good ones in this thread but if anybody has ever suffered from gout, it is considered a very very painful feeling. Doctors have told me it is supposed to be worse than a broken bone. Gout is when the uric acid/purine levels in your blood is too high, your liver cannot process it so the uric acid deposits into your joints (usually on the major joint of the big toe) and crystallizes. The symptoms are a hot burning feeling,...
Nordstrom Rack doesn't really carry anything great to begin with. True Religion jeans aren't worn by people with money anymore, it has turned into a brand where people with very little money try to get deals and bargains, frankly, True Religion is a fad and its time has come. Don't go to Nordstrom Rack for anything but clothes that you'd wear to help your friend move furniture or shoes for running and/or hiking.
what the hell... screw that! the PI has ZERO jurisdiction over you (and in you, when you say it make sure you say "the person in question" and NOT "me" never admit that the person he is looking for is you!) he is a third party investigator, tell him if anybody has a problem with you to take it up with you directly and be prepared to show definite proof. Don't tell him your name, don't tell him anything else and tell him to have a nice day and close the door The above...
When USA scored the 2nd shot to tie right before the 4th ended in the USA v Canada hockey for gold game. And sonick, that picture is awesome, I like that girls assssss
eff yes, I cannot wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS As far as returning a wallet ... yes I have returned one after finding it on the street. I used the name on the driver's license to look up the telephone number and subsequently called to let the person know I'd found it. I offered to mail it ... but he impressed upon me that he really was anxious to get it back. I agreed to meet him at a local coffee shop as he was just headding there to do a shift. When I handed it...
Quote: Originally Posted by why 1 cup flour. 1 tablespoon sugar. 1 teaspoon baking powder. 1 teaspoon baking soda. 1 cup buttermilk. 1 tablespoon butter. 1 egg. Heat pan grease pan add batter. There is nothing healthy about buttermilk, butter, flour and sugar. You just mentioned the typical pancake recipe... Replace flour with whole wheat flour. Buttermilk should be replaced with reduced fat buttermilk or whole milk, reduced fat...
I eat whole wheat pancakes, its a little dry but its ok with me. BTW, I suggest not using sugar free syrups, most (almost all) are made with sucralose or aspartame which is very bad for you. Best is to use natural maple syrup but use moderately. Or you can try your favorite berry cooked in natural fat free sugar.
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