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Indomethacin works... In alternative medicine, there is a type of seed that when placed on sensitive pressure points in your ear, can provide pain relief.
Monsanto also patented their round up seeds so that they could and have sued farmers who unknowingly have grown Monsanto products (by various ways like wind carrying). Basically Monsanto and corporations a like is trying to take over all of the farming across the world and there is very little we can do about it, at least until it is too late. In other news, aspartame (Monsanto artificial sugar product, often referred to as poison) has taken very hard blows to it's...
I was playing basketball, got cut on my arm so I paused to make sure it wasn't anything big. My teammate saw me open with a lane to drive up so he passed it right into my nuts. I ended up on the floor for about a good 15 minutes.
muffin top is disgusting, just hide it with a larger shirt for the time being, until you lose the rest of it.
Most guys that I see at the club could NOT dress to impress to save their own lives. If you want some tips on how to impress girls, why don't you take a trip to some gay district and see how they dress, don't mimic them but take some styling cues. We once drove through West Hollywood on the way home from the club and hit the gay club district, the girls in my car were really into the way they dressed (well duh, gay people almost always dress well, in fact they started...
Yup pretty ugly, try eBay'ing but if you really wanted, I guess the studs and the patches could have something to do with the military style trend. Why don't you try a army green or black button down military shirt with rolled sleeves?.
People who sag truly pisses me off, please don't do it unless you want people to not take you seriously.
People at the gym who lift heavier weights than they could handle, grunting and moaning loudly then drops it on the floor, shocking the rest of the gym patrons and causing the front desk employee to warn over the announcement system.
If you're going to be stuck in traffic all the time, might as well do it in the most comfortable premium luxury brand, Lexus. Go lease a new GS.
USPS is a corporation and has been, currently is and will not stop losing money. You returning this item will do nothing but make the system that much more complicated, so just save them the trouble. The Federal Reserve will just continue to print more money to save this black hole anyways. If you feel really bad about it, go feed a homeless person and help them get a job.
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