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A kid in high school was named Tiger, and his brother, Dragon.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Wait, you thought this was so brilliant that you copied it into another thread? Really? obama supporters...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard China is already the most powerful country in the world, and everyone knows it. They checkmates us a LONG time ago. Wake up and smell the green tea. ROFLMAO at the first person to chime in with "Yeah, but our military is still much better than theirs!!!1" Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahaha. As if that matters one iota. hahahaha
I just wiki'd it but I still don't understand what this RLS is all about, I guess one has to experience it to actually understand it.
America invades nations under the guise of liberating their people, influencing western democracy and bringing people. But China is the anti-christ? Another anti-China thread that stenches of fail.
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor It's Tianamen, and it's incident not massacre! Fail, you don't know Chinese...do you?
Just a thought, if it hasn't been mentioned in this thread already. Some people who prefer to eat pastured meats will often group buy a cow (or half a cow) with a local pasture farmer who will then get you the cuts you want in what form you want. It is sort of a 'everybody wins' type thing. I suppose we can do the same here on SF if the local members want. I love pastured meats, especially beef, chicken is pretty damn expensive around here though. On dairy, raw milk...
Dated someone that made way more than significantly more than me, I was fine with it but the desire to compete was kind of killing me.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Red hasn't looked good on a German car, since this: that is purely subjective.
I was at a local farmers market and saw a great demonstration for stainless steel cookware and this will be what I'm purchasing when I need a new set. I don't think I need the complicated 12 piece set but it does seem great if you are buying brand new items for a new home. http://www.stainlesscookware4u.com/
New Posts  All Forums: