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Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 What is wrong with this lady, and what could the family of the dying girl possibly have done to provoke this? Supposedly it started off as a neighborhood dispute. I find it just sad that she gets all apologetic now that her husband's job is on the line, her son is also getting shit at school, they really didn't think this through...sick sick people, who is bored enough to do this? she put a coffin on a...
Tea Party started off as a grass roots movement to support Ron Paul as he ran for President in 08, I have no idea how it was taken over by all of the Palin fans but the Tea Party is such a joke now.
you couldn't run them over because they were on top of a pretty huge promotional Van that was parked across the lanes. I was stuck in traffic like that one time when a tour bus blew up, I wasn't as pissed when I saw the wreck but these guys, that is just so low for shameless self promotion.
My experience at Morton's was so horrible, it left me with the most worst impression and I will never go back. Having worked in fine dining before, I thought the bad service did not warrant the exaggerated pricing, they have good ass bread though.
I don't favor Canto cuisine, too salty and sweet with tons of oil and starch to make it shiny and gooey, I much prefer Si Chuan and Hunan style cooking.
Sunday breakfast buffet is $4.95, although quality of food is definitely commercial to it's fullest, you can't really compete with all you can eat sausage, eggs, bacon, pancakes, salad bar and dessert bar. I do it a couple of times out of the year but I consider it part of the 20 in my 80/20 rule.
If shes coming in the morning, make her some brunch. Orange Juice, hash browns, eggs, pancakes? Pretty simple to prepare as well.
wow you care way too much about things that shouldn't even matter to you.
I loved Switzerland myself, the countryside is very beautiful with dotted tiny villages and crystal clear lakes but probably nothing to do there for your kids.
Why are you so insecure about it? Who do you have to prove yourself to?
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