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Jin is VERY Christian indeed, which I suppose is good. Young people in HK who listen to him will benefit from his positive words. I highly doubt many Americans will give a crap about it though.
That last pattern is SICK!
some chili cheese fries would be awesome right now, southern smoked bbq baby back ribs and orange bang.
It is a bathroom, do what is supposed to happen in the bathroom. Piss, sht and fart...simple! I was at the gym the other day and was pissing at the urinal when right behind me in the stall a guy just opened his ass and an entire barrage of air and wet sht exploded out. I was pretty disgusted but it is what it is.
Just blend fruits and veggies, it is easy to drink, nutrient rich, and filling. What I do usually: an apple, an orange, half a carrot, 2-3 stalks of celery, a cup or 2 of whatever greens I have, some calcium powder or whatever nutritious powder I have readily available, maybe some fiber, water, ice. You get about 5-6 cups worth of some healthy goodness which makes you very full and lasts a few hours. I usually work out during dinner and come home to make this...
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice the advice in this thread is so bad it is hilarious (mimic gay people? "Hockey jock"?) here's a good way to get noticed in clubs: be attractive and well-built option two: be phat guido and park your lambo out front Take a look around at what most of this forum is built around and you'll notice that prep, fitted, bespoke, sartorial are words that are used very commonly here, guess which type of males...
$40 for a custom fitted shirt is soooo cheap, considering how much retail stores expect you to pay, I would love to go through him...I will pay him a visit if I'm ever in HK.
lol, you think you are the first person to think of this? Talk to an import/export specialist. You will likely get taxed heavily for bringing over a car.
I shop at Trader Joe's because they have a wide variety of organic, health foods that are very limited in preservatives, added artificial flavors and ingredients, etc... for a very competitive price. Their service is great and employees are very passionate and knowledgeable about their work. Although there was this one time where I reached my hand under the glass to pick up a sample cheesecake and the girl behind the counter went NUTS! She wasn't even paying attention...
No way to do it unnoticed in public. I always do a re-tuck after taking a whiz, doesn't matter though, it gets messed up once you sit, stretch, or bend.
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