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This laptop bag is great but too excessive for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chips How to look like a douchebag in one easy step: Let your black collar shirt pop while out at a club... Did I care at that point, not really.... Standard young 30 year old single guy fare.... black collared dress shirt, gray jacket and dark blue jeans... the eye candy seemed to get better as the night went on, but that might be attributed to the free vodka. Someone was having a promotional release party in downtown SF,...
Show has some great hilarious moments but I would say much of it is dry probably since it is a show that is based on improv. They do like to badger one certain topic for quite a while, which I do like.
23, Southern California, it is pretty much part of the culture here to wear flip flops, I used to do it a lot but now I'm more into wearing shoes, I feel wearing flip flops is an excuse for a lot of guys and girls to make excuses not to wear shoes. I love the practicality of them being able to just slip off and on at a whim, my feet are prone to sweating so flip flops also made a lot of sense for me that way. My alternative medicine doctor told me that I have certain...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheyrou I'm a student on a fairly limited budget. I would hope theyd be better than Express or BR who dont carry anything that fits me. Zara has a very odd taste, the quality of their materials are horrible. There are way better deals out there for better quality, you just have to research and look around.
There is nothing wrong with being vegetarian. I used to eat tons of meat but for health reasons and my personal reasons, I very rarely eat meat, usually only when I'm out and would like to try something I don't usually encounter. When I'm with friends or meet people, they start saying how they can't live without meat, I just look at them weird, it's so irritating to see somebody be so succumbed to a food that they have to NEED instead of want. For goodness sakes, learn...
I think living in a cool luxury yacht sounds like a good idea when you think about it but look at it this way, yachts are meant for trips, not prolonged periods of living. The spaces you will be working with won't be as nice as say a Condo or luxury apartment. I would just get a nice luxury apartment near and overlooking the ocean.
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 Stealth Wealth sounds like someone trying to impress their well to do friends by getting the least amount of bang for their buck. Wrong, you obviously have not been in or near a Phaeton before. Culverwood stated it very well, the Phaeton is a very luxurious and understated vehicle. When in planning and r&d the VW execs set extremely high standards for this car. On my trip in China, I spent most of...
Jin is VERY Christian indeed, which I suppose is good. Young people in HK who listen to him will benefit from his positive words. I highly doubt many Americans will give a crap about it though.
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