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Rice is very important, we ruined a second batch of sushi once because we were rushing to get the rice out. Make sure you get the rice down before even prepping. My favorite fillers are yellow pickled radish, avacado, carrots, don't even need meat for that to taste great.
If you have the sense to dress yourself up, then you have the sense to dress yourself down to adapt to whatever situation you're in. This thread just seems like a self ego boost, you dress well and women are attracted to you, hooray.
As an expert in karate...
Seems like Taiwan is going to get the first taste...damn... Stay safe out there.
wow that is crazy, too bad you didn't document this on camera! it would be a crazy home video. Congrats!!
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven wouldn't be able to, even if you wanted to. Some are still up for grabs and some that were bought by dealers will still be sold, but does it matter? this is a thread about what we would do with imaginary money.
spend half on a Lexus LFA and invest the rest to afford a beach house, holla.
If I find it convenient to get them on some paper and stay on the paper until I can get to the door, then I'll free them outside but if its a fast and/or annoying one, I do it clean with a vacuum cleaner. I try not to kill insects, they're living too.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy just to be accurate, that's Long Beach, CA. my fair city. There are tons of disguised oil rigs in LA as well.
I would like to know what you guys would've done in this situation. The peaceful side of me knows that violence is not the answer and call the police but I could understand pouring blood, sweat and tears into something + a long work week + stupid drunkard violating your property can turn out pretty ugly.
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