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Make sure you moisturize and protect your face/skin everyday, this is the key to great skin.
nothing wrong with a pocket square, as long as it looks good with your ensemble. I usually leave my pocket squares inside my blazers as it would match almost anything, if I felt plain that day, I'd just take it out.
I've done black slim denim with dark brown leather chukkas, white v neck and a grey modern blazer. I thought it looked good.
What is your budget?
Pics of said trench!
A tailor would not be in business if they could not do this. or could they?
[quote=Vitaly;3056054] Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Damn, great tie! the texture and color is amazing. only got better with the shirt and coat.
In our society, almost all will judge you by the way you look-and that will never change.
This thread is about Clottey and Pacquiao, the fight was nothing exciting but you can definitely see the strengths and weaknesses of Manny show true light. He was dancing all around, lots of energy and threw many punches but most of Clottey's punches (the few that he actually threw) got past Manny's defense and affected him.
I think everyone is getting way too bent over this one single blog. It has relevant information, advice, tips, reminders for certain people who are looking for it. If you feel that you are above style blogs, just don't read it. He has decent style and, while isn't pushing mens fashion to new extremes (like much of NYC street fashion), but he is giving the typical guy a run for his money.
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