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Quote: Originally Posted by CBrown85 What a wonderful, well thought-out and stimulating question. All I know is that I won't stop being a Left Wing Radical until we're in a 1984-like world, where there is no religion, everyone works on a highly regulated farm, has no guns, exercises at certain times of the day for certain amounts of time with certain amounts of intensity. That's what we're really after. Thanks for the question. Ultimately,...
Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy Lucky's and maybe Michael Pitt's when Capone popped off a round near his ear. maybe you're the only one that has noticed.
I used to work a pretty 'ritz'y place and the general consensus between the co-workers was that middle easterners tipped the worst. What do I think?
Reincarnation baby, thats the way to go.
When Sarah Palin speaks, I get very irritated and wish my brain exploded to flood my ears with blood.
Are potential buyers allowed to make comments/ask questions about items without getting banned?
I give him credit for pushing the envelope to what hip hop is and the direction it is moving in, fusing it with art, a visual story. I was enjoying the video up until the blatant role reversal of white people serving black people in the meal scene. Normally, I wouldn't mind but there was an obvious message being sent there, as if he has the money now, black people have the power to enslave white people (through media and pop culture). I'm not even white and I thought it...
Those GoldenGoose pants are very cool, what exactly is a 'large' can we get measurements?
Quote: Originally Posted by SladeDT American Gangster. That movie was pretty bad.
If you're only 150/6'1, hurry and start doing some basic weight lifting and tabata high intensity training, you won't get big but your body will transform from little pockets of fat to a lean physique, you'll be looking like a model at your height.
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