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this thread sucks... You can say the same about all groups of people.
I think they would be very into and appreciative for you sharing your knowledge of beer. What I don't think they will appreciate is you telling them which beer they shouldn't drink, instead, let them know what you prefer over certain beers and why (brief history, let them know what is so special) then compare taste, don't shove your preferences down their throats. If they are as intelligent as you hope they are, they will make the right decision and it will be because of...
Open your windows to let the bad air out Use an air filtration system to clean the air Steam clean your couch and other parts of your house (there are steam wipers out there) Use aromatic candles before expecting company.
You're right, the first couple of episodes were a bit slow but the story gets much more interesting. It was very disappointing to see his wife sura die in his arms. Is it true the lead actor has cancer and they paused shooting?
I was just playing around with some different fabrics today to use as pocket squares, tried this out. Not really something I'd wear but if the combo was right, I wouldn't mind wearing it out.
double post
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 +1000. When somebody is bumping or thread shitting I send them a NICE pm with a link to the rules. I also do that when somebody's asking price is way too high or way too low. SF is a community we should all help each other out. If anybody has a question about anything send me a pm and I will try to help. I think most members on this forum can learn a thing or to from your post. But then again,...
wow that really sucks for you. Rogaine works, I wouldn't know personally but you can check it out. The only thing to do for male pattern baldness is to just shave your head. Once people are used to the way you look bald, then you'll have nothing to worry about.
If you can try to provide a picture, that can help us to see what exactly is wrong. Besides getting red/itchy, is there inflammation? does it hurt? I would suggest tamanu oil for you, it is a natural remedy (I know...natural remedies are blasphemous and are only for hippies but they do work). Tamanu oil has great skin healing properties. It is proven to reduce scars among many other skin-related illnesses, if you want, try it out and see if it works. It is a bit...
Ahbed is so funny, I think he makes this show more than what it could've been. The perverted dean whom has homosexual tendencies is also a riot. This show is great.
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